Bear Conservation Fund

About the Bear Conservation Fund

Of the world's 8 species of bears, 5 are currently considered vulnerable to extinction and 1 is threatened, according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.  Two species of bears, though not threatened globally, face local and regional challenges.  The Bear Conservation Fund works to advance the conservation of all bear species, particularly those most at risk, by providing funds for grants programs of the IBA. These generate the information and collaboration necessary for effective science-based conservation of bears and bear habitats.

The IBA launched the Bear Conservation Fund Research and Conservation (R&C) Grants  receive most BCF funds (85% or more).  These grants support ecological research on bears and bear habitat, assessment of population distribution and status, public education/training, and mitigation of bear/human conflicts.   

Experience and Exchange (E&E) Grants support working field exchanges between biologists that provide training and on-site consultation and foster the development of lasting cross-border partnerships. 


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