How Truman Works

Once we receive your enrollment form, we’ll add your email to the Google Group list.  Google will only recognize you by the email you use to enroll.  Truman will then send you a message confirming that you’ve been added and provide the web address and the direct email address.  You then have 2 options for interacting with Truman. I hope this information helps, but the Google Groups Help Center is always just a click away.

Sign Up:

Ideally, you’ll create an account with Google Groups (if you don’t already have one) so that you can interact with any Google discussion group. Be sure to use the same email that you used to enroll. Once Google knows who you are and has your enrolled email address, Truman will know who you are. You can then go to the web page and edit your settings and profile.  First, please click “profile’ at the very top of the screen (next to Help) and edit your profile.  You can add as much detail as you’d like, but we want to know your name, location, interest in bears, and a project summary (or your desired project). We’ll get to know each other better, but it will also help someone seeking advice find another with their interests.

Next, click “Edit my Membership” on the right side bar.  This is where you will enter a nickname used as a message header, otherwise your messages have just an email and others might not know who is responding. This screen is also where you select your preferred method of receiving messages.  You can chose not to receive any emails and only interact with Truman via the web page, or chose other formats. 

You can edit these settings and profiles any time you want.  If you want to change your email, just notify me.

Email Only:

You don’t have to create a Google account if you don’t want to.  Once your enrolled and receive Truman’s confirmation message you will receive email messages sent to the group.  You can send emails directly to Truman using  However, you will not be able to modify your settings or method of receiving messages.

For problems or additional inquiries contact Brian Scheick at (386) 789-7063 (USA).