Bylaws & Organizational Structure
Jenny E. Ross /

IBA Bylaws (Revised 2016)

The workings of our incorporation are governed by Bylaws, which provide the rules and direction for our actions. In March 2008,  IBA Council unanimously approved amendments to the Bylaws with the primary purpose to: (1) comply with legal guidelines for IBA's incorporation; (2) establish a code of ethics; (3) establish rules for organizational transparency, accountability, and financial oversight; (4) establish rules for conflict of interest and compensation of Council members; and (5) establish rules for funding and donations.

The amendments approved by Council will remain in effect as Interim Bylaws until the membership votes to ratify or reject them. Rather than including the complete Bylaws with the proposed amendments in International Bear News, we are posting them here. We ask IBA members to please review these carefully. Alternative viewpoints are welcome and should be sent to President Andreas Zedrosser for distribution to Council. Representative statements for and against the amendments, if received in a timely manner, will be included with the upcoming ballot for the 2008 election of Council members.

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