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We are a non-profit tax-exempt organization.  An automated receipt will be generated upon the completion of your online form.  For questions about online giving, please contact the Webmaster.

For endowments or donations larger than $1,000 USD, or for stock donations, please contact: 

Julia Bevins, Chair - Bear Conservation Fund
3303 Checkmate Dr.
Anchorage AK 99508  USA
Phone: (907) 223-3483

Please do not send sensitive payment information by email - the IBA cannot be responsible for the unauthorized access to, or use of your credit card or other financial information or any loss or damage as a result of using an unsecured source. Please use our secure online donation page, or send by First Class or Certified mail.

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In 2014 the Bear Conservation Fund supported 10 Research & Conservation grants and 1 Experience & Exchange grant, totaling $85,892.00 USD. Our BCF Annual Report provides brief descriptions of what those grants accomplished. All of these projects took hundreds of hours of legwork in the field, searching for bear sign, interviewing and educating people, setting and checking traps and hair snares, monitoring radio-collared animals, and conducting vegetation surveys. All represent BCF dollars at work.

Download the 2014 BCF Annual Report here>>>

Our special thanks this year go to the following:
  • Riley and Susan Bechtel        
  • Julia Bevins        
  • Jacob Briggs        
  • Allan Brody        
  • Kadya Chavkin        
  • Glenn Contreras        
  • Doug and Annabel Custance        
  • Charles and Nancy Evans        
  • Lauri Ferguson Craig    
  • Dave Graber        
  • Homer Bear Fund*            
  • Linda Jensen        
  • John Sheldon Bevins Memorial Foundation    
  • Carole Jorgensen        
  • Dick Koskovich        
  • Little Rock Zoo            
  • Tami Lubitsh        
  • Kathy Morrison        
  • Dr. Teresa Neeno        
  • Karen Noyce        
  • Kirsty Officer        
  • Susan Olsen        
  • Eric Peterson        
  • Joshua Pierce        
  • Jodie Pongracz        
  • Megan Price        
  • Joan Rog        
  • Mike Schneider        
  • Pixie Siebe        
  • Katharine Snyder        
  • Helen Stahmann        
  • Sandra Stevens        
  • Danielle Strahl-Heldreth    
  • Leigh Thomas        
  • Leo Vait        
  • Scott Waterman        
  • Linda and Leon Webber        
  • Little Rock Zoo            

and other generous donors who wish to remain anonymous

* a donor-advised internal endowment