R&C Grants Application Process

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Thank you for your patience as we make changes to this page.  For application submission, please send all information to Dr. Paolo Ciucci and follow the current guidelines. 

Research and Conservation Grants Committee

RCG proposal review and grant management is administered by the IBA Research and Conservation Grants Committee:

Application Requirements

Proposal Deadline

All proposals must be received before midnight (Italy) on December 1 of the current year. Proposals received after that date will be held over for the next year's review.

Proposal Summary Information

Purpose:  Research and Conservation Grants are intended to advance bear conservation and management by providing financial support for basic and applied research on bear ecology, management, and conservation, emphasizing assistance to situations with critical conservation need.

Types of Projects Considered:  IBA supports well-designed research and science-based conservation or management  projects. Research should have conservation or management implications; conservation and management projects should have a strong scientific base and also be well-linked to local and regional communities. Conservation projects may involve a wide range of efforts, including protection, management, education, habitat preservation, training of local workers, etc.  Grants may be used for the following:

  • Funding portions of studies;
  • Support of graduate students working on bear projects;
  • Publication of significant findings on bear biology or management; and
  • Preparation or publication of public information and education projects about bears

For proposal review, the RCG Committee also considers priorities established by the IUCN Bear Specialist Group and its Expert Teams, the likelihood of alternate funding, project feasibility, and the qualifications of the investigators conducting the work.

Who May Apply: Anyone may apply, including undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral students; researchers; educational institutions; conservation organizations; and government agencies. Applications for projects in developing countries with threatened bear species or populations are strongly encouraged. Undergraduate students and independent workers are encouraged to seek sponsorship or collaboration with an appropriate university, agency, or organization.

IBA Membership: Non-members can apply for IBA grants, but, if successful, applicants must become members in order to receive funds.  To learn more about IBA membership, click here>>>

How to Apply: Applications for grants must be in English and must be received by the Committee chairperson no later than December 1 for projects to be conducted during the next calendar year.

  • Applications should be less than 4 pages in length, but additional pages containing budgets, endorsements, and other supporting documents may be attached. 
  • Study area description should include Lat/Long or UTM's of the study site, if appropriate.
  • Three letters of reference from individuals familiar with the applicant and project are strongly encouraged.
  • Please send references as electronic attachments (M.S. Word format or PDF files).

Anyone submitting a proposal for an R&C grant for the first time should attach a CV that summarizes the education and experience of the principal investigator. This should be an attachment to the proposal; it will not be included in the page count.

The application must include a description of all items requested on the RCG Grant Application Form. Grant proposals will be strengthened if commitments for partial funding from other sources can be demonstrated in the proposal.

Amount of Grants: Typically, awards are less than US$5,000/year. The minimum grant is US$500, and the usual maximum grant is US$10,000/year. No more than US$15,000 may be granted to the same project over a 3 year period except in very special circumstances.

Conditions:  All grant recipients agree to provide two reports of the project, including:   to appear in an issue of IBN, either during or within 1 year following that in which the grant was used . Articles may be submitted at any time and should be sent directly to the newsletter editor with a copy to the RCG Committee Chair. Reports should be sent electronically or mailed; if mailed, please include a CD copy. 

For multi-year grants, a progress report will typically be required by the end of December before funds are disbursed for the next year. Annual progress reports and final reports sent to the RCG Committee must include an accounting of how funds were expended. Unused funds must be returned to the IBA, and no significant change in the proposed use of grant monies may be made without authorization from the RCG Committee Chair. Awards made by the RCG Committee may be modified or cancelled if funds are not available.

Grant recipients agree to acknowledge the support of the IBA's Bear Conservation Fund and, when appropriate, the John Sheldon Bevins Memorial Foundation in any publications or educational materials resulting from the project. Submissions of progress summaries to the editor of International Bear News are also encouraged. These summaries may be submitted at any time and should be sent directly to the News editor with a copy to the RCG Committee.

Resubmission of Proposals

Proposals must be re-evaluated for subsequent funding after the first year.  While applicants are encouraged to resubmit for sequential funding, continued funding cannot be ensured. If resubmitted proposals continue to rank highly among those reviewed, budgets should be re-adjusted.  In addition, if the proposal content has few changes, please request referral to references submitted previously as a means of reducing the work involved in submission for committee members. 

Proposal Submission Requirements

  • Proposals may be submitted at any time, and will be held for the annual review. Reviews begin shortly after the beginning of each calendar year.
  • Proposals should be submitted electronically via attachment, if possible.    Be sure to review page requirements listed on the RCG Application Form.
  • We recommend using the RCG application form as a guide in preparing proposals.


  • Proposals and applications should be sent electronically to Dr. Paolo Ciucci. 
  •  Contact Paolo Ciucci for assistance if necessary.
  • If Internet is not available, please mail applications to:  Dr. Paolo Ciucci,

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