9th Western Black Bear Workshop

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Author Name(s). 2006. Article Title. Pages X-XX in L. E. Harding and F. S. Winslow, editors. Proceedings of the 9th Western Black Bear Workshop, April 19-22, 2006, Raton, New Mexico, USA.

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Table of Contents

Oral Presentations

Welcome: Joe Apache, Mayor, City of Raton; Bruce Thompson, Director, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish; Joanna Prukop, Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources for New Mexico; Don DeLorenzo, Director, Wildlife, Fish and Rare Plants, Southwestern Region, United States Forest Service.

Panel Discussion: Black Bear Management in a Human Dominated Landscape. Panel Members; Bob Holder, Colorado Division of Wildlife Resources; Gerry Perry, Arizona Department of Game and Fish, Marv Jenson, Turner Enterprises;; Jan Hayes, Sandia Mountain Bear Watch.

Technical Session, Biology and Physiology

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Technical Session, Human Interactions

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State and Provincial Status Reports

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Technical Session, Techniques

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Technical Session, Human Interactions

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Poster Presentations

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Proceedings Only

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