1st Eastern Black Bear Workshop

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Author Name(s). 1972. Article Title. Pages X-XX in R. L. Miller, editor. Proceedings of the 1972 Black Bear Conference, July 18-19, 1972, Delmar, New York, USA.

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Table of Contents


Doing, H. E., and McCaffrey. 1973. Introductory Remarks. P. 1-3.  PDF>>>

Summaries by State

Summary PDF>>>

McCaffrey, E. 1973. New York. P. 3. 

Pelton, M. 1973. Tennessee. P. 3-5. 

Conley, R. 1973. Tennessee. P. 5-6. 

Lund, R. 1973. New Jersey. P. 6-7. 

Clark, E. T. 1973. Pennsylvania. P. 7-8. 

Cardoza, J. E. 1973. Massachusetts. P 8-9. 

Rieffenberger, J. 1973. West Virginia. P. 9-10. 

Lindzey, J. 1973. Pennsylvania. P. 10-11. 

Hamilton, R. 1973. North Carolina. P. 11-13.  

Raybourne, J. 1973. Virginia. P. 13-15. 

Ernst, B. 1973. Georgia. P.15. 

Willey, C. 1973. Vermont. P. 15-17. 

Technical Session

Pelton, M. R., and Robert G. Nichols. 1973. Status of the black bear (Ursus americanus) in the Southeast. P. 18-23.  PDF>>>

Willey, C. H. 1973. Vulnerability of bears to hunting. P. 24-27.  PDF>>>

Raybourne, J. W. 1973. Mast crops versus harvest. P. 28-30.  PDF>>>

Sauer, P. 1973. Factors influencing tooth cementum layering. P. 31-37.  PDF>>>

Miller, R. L. 1973. New York's catskill bear study. P. 38-43.  PDF>>>


Pelton, M. 1973. Radio Telemetry of Bears. P. 44-46.  PDF>>>

McCaffrey, E. 1973. The cub law and how It relates to bear management. P. 47-48.  PDF>>>

Willey, C. 1973. Hunting bear with dogs. P. 49-51.  PDF>>>

Future of the group. P. 52.  PDF>>>

Appendix I

Roster of those attending conference, by state. P. 53.  PDF>>>