2nd Eastern Black Bear Workshop

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Author Name(s). 1974. Article Title. Pages X-XX in Proceedings of the 2nd Eastern Workshop on Black Bear Management and Research, April 16-18, 1974, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA.

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Table of Contents

Reports by State or University

Summary PDF>>>

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Capturing, Handling, and Marking Techniques

Hamilton, R. B. 1974. A Brief and Cursory Summary of Some Trapping, Marking, and Handling Techniques for Black Bear. P. 40-46. PDF>>>

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Discussion. 1974. Capturing, Marking, and Handling. P. 59-67.  PDF>>>


Parasites and Diseases

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Discussion. 1974. Parasites and Diseases. P. 89-90. PDF>>>


Population Estimation

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Discussion. 1974. Population Estimation. P. 94-97. PDF>>>


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Movements, Homing, Dispersal, and Home Range

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Activities and Behavior

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Harvest Information

Conley, R. H. 1974. Methods of Harvesting Black Bear in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. P. 195-206. PDF>>>


Man and Black Bear Relationships

Bacon, E. S. 1974. Use of a Survey on Park Visitor Attitudes And Knowledge to Help Formulate Educational Programs. P. 207-213. PDF>>>

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List of Participants. P. 239-242. PDF>>>