5th Eastern Black Bear Workshop

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Author Name(s). 1980. Article Title. Pages X-XX in Proceedings of the 5th Eastern Black Bear Workshop, March 17-20, 1980, Wrightsville Beach, NC, USA.

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Table of Contents

Introductory Remarks

Hamilton, R. B. 1980. Introductory Remarks. p. V-VI. PDF>>>

State, Provincial and University Status Reports

Conley, B. 1980. Arkansas. p. 1-2. PDF>>>

Carlock, D. M. 1980. Georgia. p. 3-7. PDF>>>

Hugie, R. D. 1980. Maine. p. 8-10. PDF>>>

Harger, E. 1980. Michigan. p. 11-13. PDF>>>

Orff, E. P. 1980. New Hampshire. p.14-19. PDF>>>

O'Pezio, J. 1980. New York State. p. 20-24. PDF>>>

Collins, J. M. 1980. North Carolina. p. 25-29. PDF>>>

Lindzey, J. S. 1980. Pennsylvania. p. 30-37. PDF>>>

Coleman, S. E. 1980. Great Smoky Mountains National Park. p. 38-40. PDF>>>

Conley, R. H. 1980. Tennessee. p. 41-42. PDF>>>

Willey, C. H. 1980. Vermont. p. 43-48. PDF>>>

Martin, D. D. 1980. Virginia. p. 49-53. PDF>>>

Rieffenberger, J. 1980. West Virginia. p. 54-57. PDF>>>

Stokes, S. W. 1980. South Carolina. p. 58. PDF>>>

Williamson, J. F. 1980. Shenandoah National Park. p. 59-66. PDF>>>

Pelton, M. 1980. University of Tennessee. p. 67-69. PDF>>>

Special Presentations

Cook, W. J. 1980. Chemical Immobilization of Black Bears in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. p. 70-74. PDF>>>

Will, G. B.PDF>>>

Nettles, V. F. 1980. Physiology of Immobilizing Drugs in Black Bear. p. 89-106. PDF>>>

Willey, C. H. 1980. Black Bear Location and Capture with the Aid of Trained Bear Dogs. p. 107-120. PDF>>>

Monschein, T. D. PDF>>>

Durett, W. R., L. H. Allen, and C. W. Bemiss. 1980. Design Considerations for improved Tracking / Telemetry of Black Bears. p. 132-155. PDF>>>

O'Pezio, J. 1980. Interpretation of Cementum Annuli for Age Assignement of the Black Bears. p. 156-166. PDF>>>

Willey, C. H. 1980. Interpretation of Black Bear Age Data. p. 167-186. PDF>>>

Hugie, R. D. 1980. Group Presentation on Den Ecology. p. 187-197. PDF>>>

Johnson, K. G., and M. R. Pelton. 1980. Den Ecology of Black Bears in Tennessee. p. 198-207. PDF>>>

O'Pezio, J., and C. Hackford. 1980. Black Bear Capture and Drugging Questionnaire. p. 208-240. PDF>>>

Johnson, K. G. 1980. Marking Techniques. p. 241-243. PDF>>>

Johnson, K. G., and M. R. Pelton. A Survey of Marking Techniques for Black Bears. p. 244-257. PDF>>>

Hugie, R. 1980. Telemetry Equipment. p. 258-269. PDF>>>