7th Eastern Black Bear Workshop

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Table of Contents


Maehr, D. S. 1984. Preface. p. V. PDF>>>

Pelton, M. R. 1984. The Seventh Eastern Workshop on Black Bear Management and Research: An Overview. p. VI. PDF>>>

Brady, J. R.PDF>>>

Status Reports

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Martin, D. D. 1984. Virginia. p. 36-37. PDF>>>

Carney, D, and M. Vaughan. 1984. Shenandoah National Park (Part I). p. 37-38. PDF>>>

Garner, N., and M. Vaughan. 1984. Shenandoah National Park (Part II). p. 38. PDF>>>

Rieffenberger, J. 1984. West Virginia. p. 38-41. PDF>>>

Kohn, B. E. 1984. Wisconsin. p. 41-42. PDF>>>

Workshop Discussion

Pelton, M. R. 1984. Bait Station Indices. Where We Are And Where We Need To Go. p. 43-47. PDF>>>


Nelson, R. A. 1984. Hibernation Adaption in the Black Bear: Implications for Management. p. 48-53. PDF>>>

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