9th Eastern Black Bear Workshop

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Author Name(s). 1988. Article Title. Pages X-XX in H. L. Smith and M. H. de Almeida, editors.  Proceedings of the 9th Eastern Black Bear Workshop, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.

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Status Reports

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Panel Discussion

Smith, H. L., T. Carlin, J. M. Collins, and C. H. Willey. 1988. The Commercial Use of Bear Parts. p. 91-100. PDF>>>here

Poster Presentations


Kane, D., J. Litvaitis, and E. Orff. 1988. Factors Influencing Exploitation and Vulnerability of Black Bears (Ursus americanus) in Northern New Hampshire. p. 101.

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Special Presentation

Rogers, L. L. 1988. Walking with Bears. p. 117-124. PDF>>>here

Towards a Coordinated Approach to Managing Black Bears

McLaughlin, C. R., and K. D. Elowe. 1988. Maine's Management System Approach to Problem Identification and Program Development. p. 125-129. PDF>>>here

Workshop Sessions


Garshelis, D. L. 1988. Population. p. 130-137. PDF>>>here

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