10th Eastern Black Bear Workshop

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Author Name(s). 1990. Article Title. Pages X-XX in Proceedings of the 10th Eastern Black Bear Workshop, April 2-5, 1990, Bismarck, AR, USA.

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Table of Contents


Clark, J. D. 1990. Preface. p. xi-xii. PDF>>>here


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Status Reports

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Invited Papers

Carlock, D. M. 1990. Still Hunting for Bears in Georgia. p. 95-100. PDF>>>here

Elowe, K. D. 1990. Bear Hunting with Hounds: Techniques and Effects on the Bears and the Public. p. 101-109. PDF>>>here

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Pelton, M. R. 1990. Black Bears in the Southeast: To List or not to List? p. 155-161. PDF>>>here


Harvest Objectives. 1990. p. 165-172. PDF>>>here

Harvest Methods. 1990. p. 173-176. PDF>>>here

Harvest Monitoring. 1990. p. 177-179. PDF>>>here

Poster Presentations


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