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Sun bear sign in northern Laos

Special Announcement


Dr. Fred Dean Receives IBA's Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Fred Dean, long-time chair of IBA's Research and Conservation Grants Committee, informed Council last month that unexpected medical reasons made it necessary for him to retire from the committee.  It goes without saying that our best wishes go out to Fred, his wife, Sue, and their family.  
For IBA, this is a great loss.  Fred chaired the committee for close to 15 years with diligence, attention to detail, and integrity.  He had a key role in shaping the program into what it is now.  Moreover, the kind assistance that he gave to grant applicants and recipients throughout their projects was above and beyond all expectation.  Many recipients over the years have expressed their gratitude for the supportive relationship that Fred provided in navigating their IBA-funded projects.  
So, it is with great pleasure and enormous gratitude that Council announces its decision to present Dr. Fred Dean with IBA's Distinguished Service Award. Unlike the President's award, which is given at the sole discretion of the president, the Distinguished Service Award requires a vote of Council and is given only on rare occasions.  Fred Dean is the third person to ever receive this award, and we can think of nobody more deserving.  Thank you, Fred.  

New Changes for the IBA Grants Committee

As Fred Dean steps down, Dr. Paolo Ciucci has agreed to take the reins of the Research and Conservation Grants Committee. Paolo comes widely recommended and is well-qualified.  He is a professor and Wildlife Research Scientist at the University of Rome, where he teaches Animal Ecology, Wildlife Ecology and Management, and Field Techniques. He has led the large carnivore studies in Abruzzo National Park, and is an eminent expert on both wolves and bears.  We welcome him to the IBA team!

Who is Eligible?

IBA wants to support well-designed projects, either research or conservation-oriented. Research should ultimately support conservation efforts; conservation projects should be strongly based on good science and also well-linked to local and regional communities. Anyone may apply, including undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral students; researchers; educational institutions; conservation organizations; and government agencies. Applicants must become IBA members before they begin the application process.

To learn more about our application requirements and process, click here>>>

How Are These Grants Used?

IBA Research and Conservation Grants (RCG) are awarded to help support bear conservation, education projects, and research. Emphasis is given to projects that demonstrate significant positive effects for bear species, populations, and areas of the world with the highest conservation needs. Funds for these grants have been made available by The John Sheldon Bevins Memorial Foundation and other generous donors. Information on other IBA Grants Programs can be found here>>>

Past IBA grantees have made significant contributions to science-based information on bears and have made very real steps in developing local interest in bear conservation across the ranges of most species.  Between 1993 - 2014, the IBA was able to offer 146 grants for projects studying eight bear species in 12 different subregions.