Ratification Vote of Interim Bylaws

Dear IBA Members,

The election results are in. Thank you for voting! We are congratulating the new Officers and Council members who will take office on January 10, 2017:

President:                                         Andreas Zedrosser

Vice President Americas:             Marty Obbard

Secretary:                                         Jennapher Teunissen van Manen

Treasurer:                                         Jennifer Fortin-Noreus

Councilor:                                          Nishith Dharaiya

Councilor:                                          Yoshikazu Sato

Councilor:                                          Gordon Stenhouse 

These newly elected and incumbent officers join Councilors Emre Can, Shaena Garcia Rangel, and Alex Kopatz. Karen Noyce will step into the position of Past President for 1 term. The election of Andreas as President means that the Office of Vice-President (Eurasia) is now vacant and will be filled for its remaining year by Council appointment.

Please take the time to vote on ratification of the Interim Bylaws.  You will need your vote code from the election submit your vote.  If you have lost your vote code, contact the IBA Secretary and she will send you a copy of your code.  The voting period for the ratification of the Interim Bylaws is December 20th – December 31st, midnight MST.

Please take the time if you have not already to review the proposed changes in the Interim bylaws before voting.  You can also review comments on the changes from members and Council’s response to the comments.

We have posted both the Interim bylaws with Mark-up of the proposed changes and without for your convenience.

Thank you for being an IBA member and taking the time to participate.

Happy Holidays!


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