Candidate Statement - Klemen Jerina

Klemen Jerina

Councillor Candidate 2018-2020 Term


I'm coming from Slovenia, country with one of the highest brown bear densities in the world, where bears are something very common. They are intrinsically interwoven with the nation’s culture. Bear issues appear in media report almost daily and bears are depicted in a variety of ways, from the most evil demons to romantic symbols of wilderness. I first saw a bear as a child from my house. Last 15 years I’m professionally working on bears as leader of research group and professor of Wildlife Ecology at Department of Forestry at University of Ljubljana.

The IBA Conference in the fall of 2018 will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


My research mostly focus on applied issues important from management perspective, such us understanding causes of human-bear conflicts and their prevention, positive and negative aspects of bear artificial feeding, effects of hunting on bears and their perception by people, transboundary management in fragmented European landscapes, behavioural and demographic responses/adaptations of bear to life in human dominated landscapes.

I take science seriously and believe it should be the basic for bear conservation; therefore, it has to be conducted and communicated most responsibly. At the same time, my experiences taught me that effective conservation is possible only when key stakeholders are included, for which compromises need to be taken. I take candidacy for IBA councillor as an honour and at the same time as opportunity to contribute. If elected, I will try to promote within the IBA the challenges highlighted above.