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We are a non-profit tax-exempt organization.  An automated receipt will be generated upon the completion of your online form.  For questions pertaining to online giving, please contact the Webmaster.

For endowments or donations larger than $1,000 USD, or for stock donations, please contact: 

Julia Bevins, Chair - Bear Conservation Fund
3303 Checkmate Dr.
Anchorage AK 99508  USA
Phone: (907) 223-3483

Thank you for your support!

In 2011 the Bear Conservation Fund supported 9 Research & Conservation grants and 1 Experience & Exchange grant, totaling $62,663.00 USD. Our BCF Annual Report provides brief descriptions of what those grants accomplished. Two of the projects, implemented in Pakistan and China, are profiled in more detail on pages 4 and 6. Among this yearís projects, 4 are helping to fill enormous gaps in basic knowledge of where bears still exist, 5 make use of modern genetic tools to assess population status and inform future conservation planning, and several involve new protected areas. All represent hundreds of hours of legwork in the field, searching for bear sign, interviewing and educating people, setting and checking traps and hair snares, monitoring radio-collared animals, and conducting vegetation surveys. All represent BCF dollars at work.

Click here>>> to read the BCF 2013 Annual Report!

Our special thanks this year go to the following:
  • Homer Bear Conservation Fund*
  • John Sheldon Bevin Memorial Fund
  • Little Rock Zoo
  • Buffalo Zoo
  • Jorge Andromidas
  • Susie and Riley Bechtel
  • Paige Boule and Steve Payne
  • Stuart Breck
  • Allan Brody
  • Charlie Brown
  • Tony Collonese
  • Lauri Ferguson Craig
  • Frederick Dean
  • Daphine Duhoux
  • Michael Feller
  • Christ Hacker
  • Steve Herrero
  • Polly Hessing
  • Linsey Hubredís Third Grade Club
  • Ann Linnea
  • Lynne Nelson
  • Julia Powell
  • Debra Potts
  • Joan Rog
  • Carmen Rosa
  • Jeff Rothal
  • Lona Sepessy
  • David Sirna
  • Maggie Sprecher
  • Suzy Stiles
  • Jennifer Teunissen van Manen
  • Martin Urquhart
  • Soto Varga
  • Zol Zarember
  • And other generous donors who wish to remain anonymous

*An IBA donor-advised endowment