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International Bear News

About the IBN

The International Bear News, ISSN# 1064-1564, is a newsletter of the IBA and the IUCN Bear Specialist Group that is produced thrice yearly.  The IBN welcomes articles about biology, conservation, and management of the world's eight bear species.  The IBN also publishes reviews about books on bears, and articles pertinent to bears in history and culture.  Special articles of importance to students are posted in the Student Forum.  Announcements about bear-related conferences and employment are also accepted.

Editorial Staff:

Editorial Policy

Send submission and/or inquiries to appropriate regional correspondent:

Formatting requirements:

  • Submissions of about 750 words are preferred; photos, drawings, and charts are appreciated. 
  • Graphics (photos, maps, drawings) should be submitted in high resolution JPEG format, and not embedded in documents. 
  • Electronic submissions are preferred; otherwise, please mail or fax to the address listed above. 
  • The IBA reserves the right to accept, reject, and edit submissions.

Submission Deadlines

Note: IBN is Switching to 3 Newsletters a Year as of 2013

Submission deadlines are strictly enforced.

February 5th (Spring Issue)
June 12th (Summer Issue)
October 5th (Fall Issue)

*Note: deadlines for Bear Specialist Group members are earlier, so contact Dave Garshelis for dates.