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Bear research team in northern Laos

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This section offers a look into the workings and results of projects that have been supported by IBA Research and Conservation Grants.  It should be noted that in many cases, if not most, funds from other sources have contributed to the completion of the work.  However, there have been many instances in which the IBA grant provided the only financial support.

A second function of this section is to provide examples of a variety of progress and final reports to applicants for grants and to grant recipients.  We do not have a set format for these reports since each worker’s situation is different.  In the case of progress reports we want a clearly written summary of progress since any previous reports.  Final reports should provide a complete description of the project, location. objectives, methods, and results.  Final reports can be an aid in preparing information for publication.

Some authors may request delayed posting in order to protect publication rights.  We hope that such instances will be the exception, but it may be necessary at times.

From time to time new reports will be posted here and some of the older ones removed.  Anyone interested in these projects should also look through the Ursus publications on this website, as well as with the Google Advanced Scholar Search of the journal literature.

Selected Final Reports

Appleton, Robyn. 2010. Conservation and ecology of the Andean bear in the dry forest of Peru.  Final report>>>

Bargali, Harendra. 2010. Distribution and status of the brown, sloth, and Asiatic black bear in the State of Uttarakhand, India.  Final report>>>

Choudhury, Anwaruddin. 2011. Records of the sloth and Malayan sun bear in northeast India.  Final report>>>

Choudhury, Anwaruddin. 2014. Records of Asiatic Black Bear in Northeast India.  Final report>>>

Islam, Anwarul. 2010. Baseline survey of bears in Bangladesh.  Final report>>>

Karamanlidis, Alexandros, and Andreas Zedrosser. 2009. Distribution and status of brown bears in Albania and FYROM.  Final report>>>

Lkhagvasuren, B. 2009. Status of declining brown bear populations in northern Mongolia.  Final report>>>

Marquez, Robert. 2009. Applied research and conservation for Andean bears: building capacity to survey and monitor Andean bears in Colombia. Final report>>>

Murtskhvaladze, Marine, Alexander Gavashelishvili, and David Tarkhnishvili. 2010. Geographic and genetic boundaries of brown bear (Ursus arctos) population in the Causasus.  Final report>>>

Olsson, Annette. 2008. Bear conservation in Cambodia.  Final report>>>

Powell, Victoria. 2011. Resource use and habitat utilization of Malayan sun bear in Harapan Rainforest, Sumatra.  Final report>>>

Reynolds, Harry, Derek Craighead, Michael Proctor, Amgalan Luvsanjamba, and B. Mijiddorj. 2010. Gobi bear conservation in Mongolia.  Final report>>>

Scotson, Lorraine. 2010. The distribution and status of Asiatic black bear and Malayan sun bear in Nam Et Phou Louey National Protected Area, Lao PDR.  Final report>>>

Yoganand, K. 2005. Evaluating Panna National park with special reference to ecology of sloth bear.  Final report>>>

Zhu, Xiaojian, and Liu Fang. 2007. Mapping and monitoring Asiatic black bears in Sichuan, China.  Final report>>>

Zug, Becky. 2009. Using camera traps to study Andean bears on private lands within Sangay National Park, Ecuador.  Final report>>>

Selected Status Reports

Appleton, Robyn.  2010.  Conservation and ecology of the Andean bear in the dry forest of Peru.  Status report>>>

De Barba, Marta.  2003.  Non-invasive genetic monitoring of the brown bear in the Italian Alps.  Status report>>>

Garcia-Rangel, Shaenandoah. 2008. Distribution, habitat, and landscape use of the Andean bear in Venezuela.  Status report>>>

Nawaz, Muhammad Ali. 2007. Diet study of the brown bear in Deosai National Park, Pakistan by using molecular genetic techniques.  Status report>>>

Ngoprasert, Dusit. 2008. Habitat selection and abundance of the Asiatic black bear in Thailand.  Status report>>>

Robison, Hillary Lindsay. 2001. Ecological relationship between a Rocky Mountain threatened species (grizzly bear) and a Great Plains agricultural pest.  Status report>>>

Wong, Siew Te. 2007.  Effects of logging on the sun bear in Borneo.  Status report>>>