IBA Students
IBA students Ximena Velez-Liendo (Bolivia), Alexandros Karamanlidis (Greece), and Andreas Zedrosser (Norway) in Italy, 2005.

IBA Student Coordinator

Brian Scheick
Bear Research Program
Fish & Wildlife Research Institute
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
1105 SW Williston Rd.
Gainesville, FL 32601-9044
Phone: 352-334-4219

Who are we?

The IBA Student Forum began during the San Diego meetings in 2004.  Since then, IBA students have formed a strong bond with the goal of helping other students studying bears around the world.  Come see what we're all about!

About IBA Membership

All students who benefit from the IBA should be members.  The IBA does not run on air, and we need your help and support to bring you the things you enjoy most about this organization!  Student membership is $45/year, but we also provide you with an option for a reduced rate of $25 USD if you cannot afford the regular student rate.  Please see our Membership Page, and become a part of the IBA!

IBA Student Forum

What are the Benefits if I'm a Student?
  • Meet IBA professionals through special sessions and discussion forums
  • Get input on proposals or field challenges
  • Assistance with conference housing
  • Mentoring for future IBA involvement
  • Great meals at Student Sessions during IBA conferences
  • Make friends for life
What are the Benefits if I'm a Professional?
  • Become a mentor
  • Assist with student activities
  • Contribute to discussion forums
  • Eat free meals at the Student Sessions
  • It keeps you young

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What is it?

Truman, the Student List Serve, is a Google Discussion Group, with over 100 student members from around the world. We have IBA professionals who supervise the group, and contribute to questions asked by students, or help with input. Mostly, however, Truman is the communication link between IBA's students, and keeps them in touch between our international conferences. It's free, so join now!

  • For students working at the graduate level, or that are involved with a bear-related research project
  • Discussions pertaining to bear biology, management, or study design challenges
  • Assistance with proposals and study design through IBA professionals
  • Job searches, announcements, information regarding the IBA  and student membership
  • Planning for IBA student activities and meetings
  • IBA membership is encouraged, but not required for initial sign-up

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