Ursus Volume 20(1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Flaa, J. P., S. B. Michel, and C. Borstad. 2009. Building a reliable snare cable for capturing grizzly and American black bears. Ursus 20(1):50-55. View PDF>>>

Hoffman, J. D., S. Wilson, and H. H. Genoways. 2009. Recent occurrence of an American black bear in Nebraska. Ursus 20(1):69-72. View PDF>>>

Kohira, M., H. Okada, M. Nakanishi, and M. Yamanaka. 2009. Modeling the effects of human-caused mortality on the brown bear population on the Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan. Ursus 20(1):12-21. View PDF>>>

McCarthy, T. M., L. P. Waits, and B. Mijiddorj. 2009. Status of the Gobi bear in Mongolia as determined by noninvasive genetic methods. Ursus 20(1):30-38. View PDF>>>

McCown, J. W., P. Kubilis, T. H. Eason, and B. K. Scheick. 2009. Effect of traffic volume on American black bears in central Florida, USA. Ursus 20(1):39-46. View PDF>>>

Oi, T. 2009. Anthropogenic mortality of Asiatic black bears in two populations in northern Honshu, Japan. Ursus 20(1):22-29. View PDF>>>

Robinson, S. J., L. P. Waits, and I. D. Martin. 2009. Estimating abundance of American black bears using DNA-based capture–mark–recapture models. Ursus 20(1):1-11. View PDF>>>

Scheick, B. K., M. W. Cunningham, J. W. McCown, and M. A. Orlando. 2009. Anchor modification for a foot-hold snare to capture American black bears. Ursus 20(1):47-49. View PDF>>>

Stucchi, M., R. Salas-Gismondi, P. Baby, J. L. Guyot, and B. J. Shockey. 2009. A 6,000+ year-old specimen of a spectacled bear from an Andean cave in Peru. Ursus 20(1):63-68. View PDF>>>

Xiangjiang, Z., T. Yi, L. Ming, Z. Zejun, B. Goossens, C. Youping, W. Hongjia, M. Bruford, and W. Fuwen. 2009. Accurate population size estimates are vital parameters for conserving the giant panda. Ursus 20(1):56-62. View PDF>>>