Ursus Volume 20(1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Flaa, John P., Steve B. Michel, Chris Borstad.  2009.  Building a reliable snare cable for capturing grizzly and American black bears.  Ursus 20(1):50–55.  View PDF>>>

Hoffman, Justin D., Sam Wilson, Hugh H. Genoways.  2009.  Recent occurrence of an American black bear in Nebraska.  Ursus 20(1):69–72.  View PDF>>>

Kohira, Masao, Hideaki Okada, Masanao Nakanishi, and Masami Yamanaka.  2009.  Modeling the effects of human-caused mortality on the brown bear population on the Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan.  Ursus 20(1):12–21.  View PDF>>>

McCarthy, Thomas M., Lisette P. Waits, and B. Mijiddorj.  2009.  Status of the Gobi bear in Mongolia as determined by noninvasive genetic methods.  Ursus 20(1):30–38.  View PDF>>>

McCown, J. Walter, Paul Kubilis, Thomas H. Eason, and Brian K. Scheick.  2009.  Effect of traffic volume on American black bears in central Florida, USA.  Ursus 20(1):39–46.  View PDF>>>

Oi, Toru.  2009.  Anthropogenic mortality of Asiatic black bears in two populations in northern Honshu, Japan.  Ursus 20(1):22–29.  View PDF>>>

Robinson, Stacie J., Lisette P. Waits, and Ian D. Martin.  2009.  Estimating abundance of American black bears using DNA-based capture–mark–recapture models.  Ursus 20(1):1–11.  View PDF>>>

Scheick, Brian K., Mark W. Cunningham, J. Walter McCown, and Mike A. Orlando.  2009.  Anchor modification for a foot-hold snare to capture American black bears.  Ursus 20(1):47–49.  View PDF>>>

Stucchi, Marcelo, Rodolfo Salas-Gismondi, Patrice Baby, Jean-Loup Guyot, and Bruce J. Shockey.  2009.  A 6,000+ year-old specimen of a spectacled bear from an Andean cave in Peru.  Ursus 20(1):63–68.  View PDF>>>

Xiangjiang, Zhan, Tao Yi, Li Ming, Zhang Zejun, Benoit Goossens, Chen Youping, Wang Hongjia, Michael Bruford, and Wei Fuwen.  2009.  Accurate population size estimates are vital parameters for conserving the giant panda.  Ursus 20(1):56–62.  View PDF>>>