Ursus Volume 20(2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Elfström, Marcus, and Jon E. Swenson.  2009.  Effects of sex and age on den site use by Scandinavian brown bears.  Ursus 20(2):85–93.  View PDF>>>

Greenleaf, Schuyler S., Sean M. Matthews, R. Gerald Wright, John J. Beecham, and H. Malia Leithead.  2009.  Food habits of American black bears as a metric for direct management of human–bear conflict in Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California.  Ursus 20(2):94–101.  View PDF>>>

Hall, Suzanne S. , and Ronald R. Swaisgood.  2009.  Maternal care and cub development in the sun bear.  Ursus 20(2):143–151.  View PDF>>>

Mitchell, Michael S., Lara B. Pacifici, James B. Grand, and Roger A. Powell.  2009.  Contributions of vital rates to growth of a protected population of American black bears.  Ursus 20(2):77–84.  View PDF>>>

Ordiz, Andrés, Ole-Gunnar Støen, Lisa G. Langebro, Sven Brunberg, and Jon E. Swenson.  2009.  A practical method for measuring horizontal cover.  Ursus 20(2):109–113.  View PDF>>>

Radandt, Thomas G.  2009.  Recovery of grizzly and American black bears from xylazine, zolazepam, and tiletamine.  Ursus20(2):114–119.  View PDF>>>

Ryan, Christopher W., John W. Edwards, and Mark Damian Duda.  2009.  West Virginia residents' attitudes and opinions toward American black bear hunting.  Ursus 20(2):131–142.   View PDF>>>

Spady, Thomas J., Henry J. Harlow, George Butterstein, and Barbara Durrant.  2009.  Leptin as a surrogate indicator of body fat in the American black bear.  Ursus 20(2):120–130.  View PDF>>>

Viteri, María Paulina, and Lisette P. Waits.  2009.  Identifying polymorphic microsatellite loci for Andean bear research.  Ursus 20(2):102–108.  View PDF>>>