Ursus Volume 20(2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Greenleaf, S. S., S. M. Matthews, R. G. Wright, J. J. Beecham, and H. M. Leithead.  View PDF>>>

Hall, S. S. , and R. R. Swaisgood.  View PDF>>>

Mitchell, M. S., L. B. Pacifici, J. B. Grand, and R. A. Powell.  View PDF>>>

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Radandt, T. G.  View PDF>>>

Ryan, C. W., J. W. Edwards, and M. D. Duda.  View PDF>>>

Spady, T. J., H. J. Harlow, G. Butterstein, and B. Durrant.  2009.  View PDF>>>

Viteri, M. P., and L. P. Waits.  View PDF>>>