Ursus Volume 21(1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Aryal, A., S. S. Sathyakumar, and C. C. Schwartz. 2010. Current status of brown bears in the Manasalu Conservation Area, Nepal. Ursus 21(1):109-114. View PDF>>>

Carter, N. H., D. G. Brown, D. R. Etter, and L. G. Visser. 2010. American black bear habitat selection in northern Lower Peninsula, Michigan, USA, using discrete-choice modeling. Ursus 21(1):57-71. View PDF>>>

Castellanos, A., L. Arias, D. Jackson, and R. Castellanos. 2010. Hematological and serum biochemical values of Andean bears in Ecuador. Ursus 21(1):115-120. View PDF>>>

Fernández-Gil, A., A. Ordiz, and J. Naves. 2010. Are Cantabrian brown bears recovering? Ursus 21(1):121-124. View PDF>>>

Graham, K., J. Boulanger, J. Duval, and G. Stenhouse. 2010. Spatial and temporal use of roads by grizzly bears in west-central Alberta. Ursus 21(1):43-56. View PDF>>>

Haroldson, M. A., C. C. Schwartz, K. C. Kendall, K. A. Gunther, D. S. Moody, K. Frey, and D. Paetkau. 2010. Genetic analysis of individual origins supports isolation of grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Ursus 21(1):1-13. View PDF>>>

Hwang, M., D. L. Garshelis, Y. Wu, and Y. Wang. 2010. Home ranges of Asiatic black bears in the Central Mountains of Taiwan: Gauging whether a reserve is big enough. Ursus 21(1):81-96. View PDF>>>

Krofel, M., S. Filacorda, and K. Jerina. 2010. Mating-related movements of male brown bears on the periphery of an expanding population. Ursus 21(1):23-29. View PDF>>>

Lortkipanidze, B. 2010. Brown bear distribution and status in the South Caucasus. Ursus 21(1):97-103. View PDF>>>

Malcolm, K. D. and T. R. Van Deelen. 2010. Effects of habitat and hunting framework on American black bear harvest structure in Wisconsin. Ursus 21(1):14-22. View PDF>>>

Palomero, G. and F. Ballesteros. 2010. Are brown bears recovering in the Cantabrian Mountains? Reply to Fernández-Gil et al. Ursus 21(1):125-127 View PDF>>> 

Pérez, T., J. Naves, J. F. Vázquez, J. Seijas, A. Corao, J. Albornoz, and A. Domínguez. 2010.  Evidence for improved connectivity between Cantabrian brown bear subpopulations. Ursus 21(1):104-108. View PDF>>>

Treves, A., K. J. Kapp, and D. M. MacFarland. 2010. American black bear nuisance complaints and hunter take. Ursus 21(1):30-42. View PDF>>>

Yamada, A. and M. Fujioka. 2010. Features of planted conifer trees vulnerable to damage by the Japanese black bear. Ursus 21(1):72-80. View PDF>>>