Ursus Volume 21(2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Derocher, A. E., S. M. Van Parijs, and Ø. Wiig. 2010. Nursing vocalization of a polar bear cub. Ursus 21(2):189-191. View PDF >>>

Fox, C. H., P. C. Paquet, and T. E. Reimchen. 2010. Active American black bear dens adjacent to a marine beach used for foraging. Ursus 21(2):195-197. View PDF >>>

Hopkins III,, J. B., S. Herrero, R. T. Shideler, K. A. Gunther, C. C. Schwartz, and S. T. Kalinowski. 2010. A proposed lexicon of terms and concepts for human–bear management in North America. Ursus 21(2):154-168. View PDF >>>

Howe, E. J., M. E. Obbard, R. Black, and L. L. Wall. 2010. Do public complaints reflect trends in human–bear conflict? Ursus 21(2):131-142. View PDF >>>

Kohira, M. and S. Mori. 2010. Reported mating of Hokkaido brown bear in autumn. Ursus 21(2):192-194. View PDF >>>

Proctor, M., B. McLellan, J. Boulanger, C. Apps, G. Stenhouse, D. Paetkau, and G. Mowat. 2010. Ecological investigations of grizzly bears in Canada using DNA from hair, 1995–2005: a review of methods and progress. Ursus 21(2):169-188. View PDF >>> 

Steinmetz, R., and D. L. Garshelis. 2010. Estimating ages of bear claw marks in Southeast Asian tropical forests as an aid to population monitoring. Ursus 21(2):143-153. View PDF >>>