Ursus Volume 22 (1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Belant, J. L., D. R. Etter, S. L. Mayhew, L. G. Visser, and P. D. Friedrich. 2011. Improving large scale mark–recapture estimates for American black bear populations. Ursus 22(1):9-23. View PDF >>>

Bridges, A. S., M. R. Vaughan, and J. A. Fox. 2011. American black bear estrus and parturition in the Alleghany Mountains of Virginia. Ursus 22(1):1-8. View PDF >>>

Castellanos, A. 2011. Andean bear home ranges in the Intag region, Ecuador. Ursus 22(1):65-73. View PDF >>>

Garshelis, D. L. 2011. Andean bear density and abundance estimates — How reliable and useful are they? Ursus 22(1):47-64. View PDF >>>

Harris, R. B., C. C. Schwartz, R. D. Mace, and M. A. Haroldson. 2011. Study design and sampling intensity for demographic analyses of bear populations. Ursus 22(1):24-36. View PDF >>>

Kaczensky, P., K. Jerina, M. Jonozovič, M. Krofel, T. Skrbinšek, G. Rauer, I. Kos, and B. Gutleb. 2011. Illegal killings may hamper brown bear recovery in the Eastern Alps. Ursus 22(1):37-46. View PDF >>>

Merkle, J. A., P. R. Krausman, and M. M. Booth. 2011. Behavioral and attitudinal change of residents exposed to human–bear interactions. Ursus 22(1): 74-83. View PDF >>>  

Sato, Y., H. Nakamura, Y. Ishifune, and N. Ohtaishi. 2011. The white-colored brown bears of the Southern Kurils. Ursus 22(1):84-90. View PDF >>>

Svoboda, N. J., J. L. Belant, D. E. Beyer, J. F. Duquette, H. K. Stricker, and C. A. Albright. 2011. American black bear predation of an adult white-tailed deer. Ursus 22(1):91-94. View PDF >>>