Ursus Volume 22 (2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Charoo, S. A., L. K. Sharma, and S. Sathyakumar. 2011. Asiatic black bear–human interactions around Dachigam National Park, Kashmir, India. Ursus 22(2):106-113. View PDF >>>

D'Cruze, N., U. K. Sarma, A. Mookerjee, B. Singh, J. Louis, R. P. Mahapatra, V. P. Jaiswal, T. K. Roy, I. Kumari, and V. Menon. 2011. Dancing bears in India: A sloth bear status report. Ursus 22(2):99-105. View PDF >>>

Hatch, K.A., B. L. Roeder, R. S. Buckman, B. H. Gale, S. T. Bunnell, D. L. Eggett, J. Auger, L. A. Felicetti, and G. V. Hilderbrand. 2011. Isotopic and gross fecal analysis of American black bear scats. Ursus 22(2):133-140. View PDF >>>

Karamanlidis, A. A., A. Sanopoulos, L. Georgiadis, and A. Zedrosser. 2011. Structural and economic aspects of human–bear conflicts in Greece. Ursus 22(2):141-151. View PDF >>>

Nezami, B. and M. S. Farhadinia. 2011. Litter sizes of brown bears in the Central Alborz Protected Area, Iran. Ursus 22(2):167-171. View PDF >>>

Sadeghpour, M. H. and T. F. Ginnett. 2011. Habitat selection by female American black bears in northern Wisconsin. Ursus 22(2):159-166. View PDF >>>

Sahlén, E., O.-E. Støen, and J. E. Swenson. 2011. Brown bear den site concealment in relation to human activity in Sweden. Ursus 22(2):152-158. View PDF >>>

Sato, Y., T. Itoh, Y. Mori, Y. Satoh, and T. Mano. 2011. Dispersal of male bears into peripheral habitats inferred from mtDNA haplotypes. Ursus 22(2):120-132. View PDF >>>

Shivik, J. A., D. Ruid, R. C. Willging, and K. E. Mock. 2011. Are the same bears repeatedly translocated from corn crops in Wisconsin? Ursus 22(2):114-119. View PDF >>>