Ursus Volume 23 (2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Aryal, A., J. B. Hopkins, III, D. Raubenheimer, W. Ji, and D. Brunton. 2012. Distribution and diet of brown bears in the upper Mustang Region, Nepal. Ursus 23(2):231-236. View PDF >>>

BalĨiauskas, L. and M. Kazlauskas. 2012. Acceptance of brown bears in Lithuania, a non-bear country. Ursus 23(2):168-178. View PDF >>>

Latham, E., J. B. Stetz, I. Seryodkin, D. Miquelle and M. L. Gibeau. 2012. Non-invasive genetic sampling of brown bears and Asiatic black bears in the Russian Far East: A pilot study. Ursus 23(2):145-158. View PDF >>>

Libal, N. S., J. L. Belant, R. Maraj, B. D. Leopold, G. Wang, and S. Marshall. 2012. Microscale den-site selection of grizzly bears in southwestern Yukon. Ursus 23(2):226-230. View PDF >>>

Moheb, Z., D. Lawson, and S. N. Mostafawi. 2012. Brown bear status and threats in Darwaz, Northern Badakhshan, Afghanistan. Ursus 23(2):237-240. View PDF >>>

Murrow, J. L., and J. D. Clark. 2012. Effects of hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Louisiana black bear habitat. Ursus 23(2):192-205. View PDF >>>

Ngoprasert, D., D. H. Reed, R. Steinmetz, and G. A. Gale. 2012. Density estimation of Asian bears using photographic captureā€“recapture sampling based on chest marks. Ursus 23(2):117-133. View PDF >>>

Obbard, M. E. and K. R. Middel. 2012. Bounding the Southern Hudson Bay polar bear subpopulation . Ursus 23(2):134-144. View PDF >>>

Ratnayeke, S. and F. T. van Manen. 2012. Assessing sloth bears as surrogates for carnivore conservation in Sri Lanka . Ursus 23(2):206-217. View PDF >>>

Simek, S. L., J. L. Belant, B. W. Young, C. Shropshire, and B. D. Leopold. 2012. History and status of the American black bear in Mississippi. Ursus 23(2):159-167. View PDF >>>

Smith, T. S., J. Oyster, S. D. Partridge, I. E. Martin, and A. Sisson. 2012. Assessing American black bear response to human activity at Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. Ursus 23(2):179-191. View PDF >>>

Yamamoto, T., H. Tamatani, J. Tanaka, S. Yokoyama, K. Kamiike, M. Koyama, K. Seki, S. Kakefuda, Y. Kato, and N. Izawa. 2012. Annual and seasonal home range characteristics of female Asiatic black bears in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Ursus 23(2):218-225. View PDF >>>