Ursus Volume 24 (1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Bojarska, K. and N. Selva. 2013. Correction factors for important brown bear foods in Europe. Ursus 24(1):13-15. View PDF >>>

Costello, C. M., S. I. Cain, R. M. Nielson, C. Servheen, and C. C. Schwartz. 2013. Response of American black bears to the non-motorized expansion of a road corridor in Grand Teton National Park. Ursus 24(1):54-69. View PDF >>>

Haroldson, M. A. and K. A. Gunther. 2013. Roadside bear viewing opportunities in Yellowstone National Park: characteristics, trends, and influence of whitebark pine. Ursus 24(1):27-41. View PDF >>>

Hilderbrand, G. V., S. P. Rabinowitch, and D. Mills. 2013. Black bear baiting in Alaska and in Alaska's National Park Service lands, 1992–2010. Ursus 24(1):91-96. View PDF >>>

Immell, D., D. H. Jackson, and M. C. Boulay. 2013. Denning ecology of American black bears in the Cascade Mountains of western Oregon. Ursus 24(1):1-12. View PDF >>>

Islam, M. A., M. Uddin, M. A. Aziz, S. B. Muzaffar, S. Chakma, S. U. Chowdhury, G. W. Chowdhury, M. A. Rashid, S. Mohsanin, I. Jahan, S. Saif, M. B. Hossain, D. Chakma, M. Kamruzzaman, and R. Akter. 2013. Status of bears in Bangladesh: going, going, gone? Ursus 24(1):83-90. View PDF >>>

Peirce, J. M., E. O. Otis, M. S. Wipfli, and E. H. Follmann. 2013. Interactions between brown bears and chum salmon at McNeil River, Alaska. Ursus 24(1):42-53. View PDF >>>

Sakurai, R., S. K. Jacobson, and G. Ueda. 2013. Public perceptions of risk and government performance regarding bear management in Japan. Ursus 24(1):70-82. View PDF >>>

Takahata, C., S. Nishino, K. Kido, and S. Izumiyama. 2013. An evaluation of habitat selection of Asiatic black bears in a season of prevalent conflicts. Ursus 24(1):16-26. View PDF >>>