Ursus Volume 24 (2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Coleman, T. H., C. C. Schwartz, K. A. Gunther, and S. Creel. 2013. Influence of overnight recreation on grizzly bear movement and behavior in Yellowstone National Park. Ursus 24(2):101-110. View PDF >>>

Gonzales, R. L., A. V. Mendoza, B. M. Himelright, J. M. Moore, and T. J. Spady. 2013. American black bear mating behavior and chemosensation of estrus. Ursus 24(2):139-147. View PDF >>>  

Graves, T. A., J. K. Fortin, and M. A. Branan. 2013. Antenna angle and height influence GPS fix success and fix type in captive grizzly bears. Ursus 24(2):170-178. View PDF >>>

Herreman, J. and E. Peacock. 2013. Polar bear use of a persistent food subsidy: Insights from non-invasive genetic sampling in Alaska. Ursus 24(2):148-163. View PDF >>>

Hopkins, III, J. B. and S. T. Kalinowski. 2013. The fate of transported American black bears in Yosemite National Park. Ursus 24(2):120-126. View PDF >>>

Kavčič, I., M. Adamič, P. Kaczensky, M. Krofel, and K. Jerina. 2013. Supplemental feeding with carrion is not reducing brown bear depredations on sheep in Slovenia. Ursus 24(2):111-119. View PDF >>>

Sharma, S., T. Dutta, J. E. Maldonado, T. C. Wood, H. S. Panwar, and J. Seidensticker. 2013. Selection of microsatellite loci for genetic monitoring of sloth bears. Ursus 24(2):164-169. View PDF >>>  

Velez-Liendo, X., D. Strubbe, and E. Matthysen. 2013. Effects of variable selection on modelling habitat and potential distribution of the Andean bear in Bolivia. Ursus 24(2):127-138. View PDF >>>