Ursus Volume 25 (1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Bentzen, T. W., R. T. Shideler, and T. M. O'Hara. 2014. Use of stable isotope analysis to identify food-conditioned grizzly bears on Alaska's North Slope. Ursus 25(1):14-23. View PDF >>>

Gunther, K. A., R. R. Shoemaker, K. L. Frey, M. A. Haroldson, S. L. Cain, F. T. van Manen, and J. K. Fortin. 2014. Dietary breadth of grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Ursus 25(1):60-72. View PDF >>>

Janjua, S., M. Shahid, F. Abbas, and A. Mian. 2014. DNA extraction protocols for molecular studies of Asiatic black bears. Ursus 25(1):78-81. View PDF >>>

Karamanlidis,A. A., S. Pllaha, L. Krampokoukis, K. Shore and A. Zedrosser. 2014. Preliminary brown bear survey in southeastern Albania. Ursus 25(1):1-7. View PDF >>>

Karamanlidis, A. A., M. Paunović, D. Ćirović, B. Karapandža, T. Skrbinšek, and A. Zedrosser. 2014. Population genetic parameters of brown bears in western Serbia: implications for research and conservation. Ursus 25(1):34-43. View PDF >>>

Lewis, T. M. and D. J. R. Lafferty. 2014. Brown bears and wolves scavenge humpback whale carcass in Alaska. Ursus 25(1):8-13. View PDF >>>

Roellig, M. I. Dorresteijn, H. von Wehrden, T. Hartel and J. Fischer. 2014. Brown bear activity in traditional wood-pastures in Southern Transylvania, Romania. Ursus 25(1):43-52. View PDF >>>

Scheick, B. K. and W. McCown. 2014. Geographic distribution of American black bears in North America. Ursus 25(1):24-33. View PDF >>>

Shahzadi, I., S. Janjua, F. Abbas, and G. J. Galbreath. 2014. A universal primer set to amplify the cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene in bears. Ursus 25(1):73-77. View PDF >>> 

Wilton, C. M., J. L. Belant, and J. Beringer. 2014. Distribution of American black bear occurrences and human–bear incidents in Missouri. Ursus 25(1):53-60. View PDF >>>