Ursus Volume 25 (2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Matsubayashi, J., J. Morimoto, T. Mano, A. Aryal, and F. Nakamura. 2014. Using stable isotopes to understand the feeding ecology of the Hokkaido brown bear (Ursus arctos) in Japan. Ursus 25(2):87–97. View PDF >>>

Obbard, M. E., E. J. Howe, L. L. Wall, B. Allison, R. Black, P. Davis, L. Dix-Gibson, M. Gatt, and M. N. Hall. 2014. Relationships among food availability, harvest, and human–bear conflict at landscape scales in Ontario, Canada. Ursus 25(2):98-110. View PDF >>>

Das, S., S. Dutta, S. Sen, A. S. Jijumon, S. Babu, H. Nagraj Kumara, and M. Singh. 2014. Identifying regions for conservation of sloth bears through occupancy modelling in north-eastern Karnataka, India. Ursus 25(2):111-120. View PDF >>>

Gardner, C. L., N. J. Pamperin, and J. F. Benson. 2014. Movement patterns and space use of maternal grizzly bears influence cub survival in Interior Alaska. Ursus 25(2):121-139. View PDF >>>

DeMay, S. M., D. A. Roon, J. L. Rachlow, and R. Cisneros. 2014. Selective foraging on bromeliads by Andean bears in the Ecuadorian páramo. Ursus 25(2):139-147. View PDF >>>

Hull, V., G. Roloff, J. Zhang, W. Liu, S. Zhou, J. Huang, W. Xu, Z. Ouyang, H. Zhang, and J. Liu. 2014. A synthesis of giant panda habitat selection. Ursus 25(2):148-162. View PDF >>>

Cosse, M., J. F, Del Moral Sachetti, N. Mannise, and M. Acosta. 2014. Genetic evidence confirms presence of Andean bears in Argentina. Ursus 25(2):163-171. View PDF >>>

Velez–Liendo, X., F. Adriaensen, and E. Matthysen. 2014. Landscape assessment of habitat suitability and connectivity for Andean bears in the Bolivian Tropical Andes. Ursus 25(2):172-187. View PDF >>>