Ursus Volume 27 (1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Almasieh, K., M. Kaboli, and P. Beier. 2016. Identifying habitat cores and corridors for the Iranian black bear in Iran. Ursus 26(1):18-30. PDF>>>here

Garcia, K. C., H. M. Joshi, and N. Dharaiya. 2016. Assessment of human–sloth bear conflicts in North Gujarat, India. Ursus 26(1):5-10. PDF>>>here

Lamb, C. T., D. A. Walsh, and G. Mowat. 2016. Factors influencing detection of grizzly bears at genetic sampling sites. Ursus 26(1):31-44. PDF>>>here

Seryodkin, I. V., A. M. Panichev, and J, C. Slaght. 2016. Geophagy by brown bears in the Russian Far East. Ursus 26(1): 11-17. PDF>>>here

Tri, A. N., J. W. Edwards, M. P. Strager, J. T. Petty, C. W. Ryan, C. P. Carpenter, M. A. Ternent, and P. C. Carr. 2016. Habitat use by American black bears in the urban–wildland interface of the Mid-Atlantic, USA. Ursus 26(1):45-56. PDF>>>here

Wolfe, L. L., H. E. Johnson, M. C. Fisher, W. R. Lance, D. K. Smith, and M. W. Miller. 2016. Chemical immobilization in American black bears using a combination of nalbuphine, medetomidine, and azaperone. Ursus 26(1):1-4. PDF>>>here