Ursus Volume 26 (1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Ditmer, M. A., T. E. Burk, and D. L. Garshelis. 2015. Do innate food preferences and learning affect crop raiding by American black bears? Ursus 26(1):40-52. PDF>>>here

Figueroa, J. 2015. New records of parasites in free-ranging Andean bears from Peru. Ursus 26(1):21-27. PDF>>>here

Henderson, M. J. M., M. Hebblewhite, M. S. Mitchell, J. B. Stetz, K. C. Kendall and R. T. Carlson. 2015. Modeling multi-scale resource selection for bear rubs in northwestern Montana. Ursus 26(1):28-39. PDF>>>here

Liley, S. G. and R. N. Walker. 2015. Extreme movement by an American black bear in New Mexico and Colorado. Ursus 26(1):1-6. PDF>>> here

Karamanlidis, A. A., J. J. Beecham, C. Chatziioannou, M. d. G. Hernando, K. Grivas, L. Krampokoukis, and G. Papakostas. 2015. Intraspecific predation on a subadult brown bear in Greece. Ursus 26(1):7-10. PDF>>>here

Voyles, Z., A. Treves, and D. MacFarland. 2015. Spatiotemporal effects of nuisance black bear management actions in Wisconsin. Ursus 26(1):11-20. PDF>>>here

Wilton, C. M., J. L. Belant, J. F. Van Stappen, and D. Paetkau. 2015. American black bear population abundance and genetic structure on an island archipelago. Ursus 26(1):53-66. PDF>>>here