Ursus Volume 26 (2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Ćirović, D., M. d. G. Hernando, M. Paunović, and A. A. Karamanlidis. 2015. Home range, movements, and activity patterns of a brown bear in Serbia. Ursus 26(2):79-85. PDF>>>here

Draheim, H. M., V. Lopez, D. Etter, S. R. Winterstein, and K. T. Scribner. 2015. Effects of sampling scale on American black bear spatial genetic structure. Ursus 26(2):143-156. PDF>>>here

Hiller, T. L., J. L. Belant, J. Beringer, and A. J. Tyre. 2015. Resource selection by recolonizing American black bears in a fragmented forest landscape. Ursus 26(2):116-128. PDF>>>here

Hooker, M. J., J. S. Laufenberg, A. K. Ashley, J. T. Sylvest, and M. J. Chamberlain. 2015. Abundance and density estimation of the American black bear population in central Georgia. Ursus 26(2):107-115. PDF>>>here

Jones, M. D., J. L. Berl, A. N. Tri, J. W. Edwards, and H. Spiker. 2015. Predicting harvest vulnerability for a recovering population of American black bears in western Maryland. Ursus 26(2):97-106. PDF>>>here

Tumendemberel, O., M. Proctor, H. Reynolds, J. Boulanger, A. Luvsamjamba, T. Tserenbataa, M. Batmunkh, D. Craighead, N. Yanjin, and D. Paetkau. 2015. Gobi bear abundance and inter-oases movements, Gobi Desert, Mongolia. Ursus 26(2):129-142. PDF>>>here

Ware, J. V., K. D. Rode, A. M. Pagano, J. Bromaghin, C. T. Robbins, J. Erlenbach, S. Jensen, A. Cutting, N. Nicassio-Hiskey, A. Hash, M. Owen, and H. T. Jansen. 2015. Validation of mercury tip-switch and accelerometer activity sensors for identifying resting and active behavior in bears. Ursus 26(2):86-96. PDF>>>here