Instructions to Authors

Instructions for Contributors to Ursus

Electronic submission only.  Manuscript submission, review, and editing are now done entirely electronically.  To submit a manuscript, visit, register with the system, and follow online instructions.  Authors with no access to the internet are encouraged to contact the Ursus Editor directly.


US Freedom of Information Act requests or similar legal actions and published without authorization or co-authorship of the PI who collected the data, the original PI may submit a manuscript describing his or her analysis of these data regardless of whether that analysis differs from that submitted by the unauthorized authors.  The Editor may reject manuscripts that, in his opinion, are based on data obtained in unethical ways.  Exceptions to all policies may be granted by the Editor.  Authors must obtain prior permission from the Editor for deviations from these guidelines.

Page Charges and Reprint Orders

The IBA, the parent organization of Ursus, is a non-profit, non-subsidized membership organization.  As such, it levies page charges for papers accepted for publication to assist financing of Ursus.  Page charges are US $36 per double-spaced original manuscript page, counting 1 page for each table and each figure.  (This is a revenue-neutral change from previous Ursus policy of charging $90/printed page and allows Ursus to bill authors earlier).  Invoices for page charges are sent to authors by the IBA Treasurer when accepted papers are transmitted to the Technical Editor.  An application (no fixed deadline) can be made to IBA for an in-kind publication grant to cover page charges for papers from projects where these charges cannot be met.  A letter to the IBA Treasurer outlining the request for an exemption from page charges should be made as early as possible.  Ursus now provides PDF files of final articles to authors, free of charge.

Please do not send sensitive payment information by email - the IBA cannot be responsible for the unauthorized access to, or use of your credit card or other financial information or any loss or damage as a result of using an unsecured source. Please send payment by First Class or Certified mail.

Transmittal Letter

State your intent to submit the manuscript exclusively for publication in Ursus.  Explain any similarities between information in the manuscript and that in other publications or concurrent manuscripts by the same authors and furnish a copy of such publications or manuscripts.  Authors should also include names, addresses, telephone number, and email addresses of 3 people who might serve as objective referees for the manuscript or have particular knowledge of the subject.  Send manuscripts to  


Inquires are welcome and should be addressed to Ursus Editor, Jerry Belant.