Ursus Volume 11

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Arthur, Stephen M., and Charles C. Schwartz.  1999.  Effects of sample size on accuracy and pecision of brown bear home range models.  Ursus 11:139-148.  View PDF>>>

Boitani, Luigi, Paolo Ciucci, Fabio Corsi, and Eugenio Dupre.  1999.  Potential Range and Corridors for Brown Bears in the Eastern Alps, Italy.  Ursus 11:123-130.  View PDF>>>

Boulay, Margaret C., Dewaine H. Jackson, and David A. Immell.  1999.  Preliminary Assessment of a Ballot Initiative Banning Two Methods of Bear Hunting in Oregon: Effects on Bear Harvest.  Ursus 11:179-184.  View PDF>>>

Chi, Danielle K., and Barrie K. Gilbert.  1999.  Habitat Security for Alaskan Black Bears at Key Foraging Sites: Are There Thresholds for Human Disturbance?  Ursus 11:225-237.  View PDF>>>

Garshelis, David L., Anup R. Joshi, and James L. D. Smith.  1999.  Estimating Density and Relative Abundance of Sloth Bears.  Ursus 11:87-98.  View PDF>>>

Garshelis, David L., Robert S. Sikes, David E. Andersen, and Elmer C. Birney.  1999.  Landowners' Perceptions of Crop Damage and Management Practices Related to Black Bears in East-Central Minnesota.  Ursus 11:219-224.  View PDF>>>

Gittleman, John L.  1999.  Hanging Bears from Phylogenetic Trees: Investigating Patterns of Macroevolution.  Ursus 11:29-39.  View PDF>>>

Grogan, Ronald G., and Frederick G. Lindzey.  1999.  Estimating Population Size of a Low-Density Black Bear Population Using Capture-Resight.  Ursus 11:117-122.  View PDF>>>

Herrero, Stephen, and Andrew Higgins.  1999.  Human Injuries Inflicted by Bears in British Columbia: 1960-97.  Ursus 11:209-218.  View PDF>>>

Holm, Greg W., Frederick G. Lindzey, and David S. Moody.  1999.  Interactions of Sympatric Black and Grizzly Bears in Northwest Wyoming.  Ursus 11:99-108.  View PDF>>>

Kaczensky, Petra.  1999.  Large Carnivore Depredation on Livestock in Europe.  Ursus 11:59-71.  View PDF>>>

Klenzendorf, Sybille A., and Michael R. Vaughan.  1999.  An Overview of Brown Bear Management in Six European Countries.  Ursus 11:163-177.  View PDF>>>

LeCount, Albert L.  1999.  History of the IBA, 1968-1998.  Ursus 11:11-20.  View PDF>>>

Matson, Gary M., Hedi E. Casquilho-Gray, Joshua D. Paynich, Victor G. Barnes, Jr., Harry V. Reynolds III, and Jon E. Swenson.  1999.  Cementum Annuli Are Unreliable Reproductive Indicators in Female Brown Bears.  Ursus 11:275-280.  View PDF>>>

Mattson, David J., Gerald I. Green, and Roger Swalley.  1999.  Geophagy by Yellowstone Grizzly Bears.  Ursus 11:109-116.  View PDF>>>

McLoughlin, Philip D., Ray L. Case, Robert J. Gau, Steven H. Ferguson, and François Messier.  1999.  Annual and Seasonal Movement Patterns of Barren-Ground Grizzly Bears in the Central Northwest Territories.  Ursus 11:79-86.  View PDF>>>

Meijaard, Erik.  1999.  Human-Imposed Threats to Sun Bears in Borneo.  Ursus 11:185-192.  View PDF>>>

Miller, Sterling D., and V. Leigh Tutterrow.  1999.  Characteristics of Nonsport Mortalities to Brown and Black Bears and Human Injuries from Bears in Alaska.  Ursus 11:239-252.  View PDF>>>

Podruzny, Shannon R., Daniel P. Reinhart, and David J. Mattson.  1999.  Fire, Red Squirrels, Whitebark Pine, and Yellowstone Grizzly Bears.  Ursus 11:131-138.  View PDF>>>

Rauer, Georg.  1999.  Bear-Human Encounters in Austria.  Ursus 11:201-207.  View PDF>>>

Schwartz, Charles C., and Stephen M. Arthur.  1999.  Radiotracking Large Wilderness Mammals: Integration of GPS and Argos Technology.  Ursus 11:261-273.  View PDF>>>

Sellers, Richard A., and Sterling D. Miller.  1999.  Population Dynamics of Brown Bears after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.  Ursus 11:73-78.  View PDF>>>

Simberloff, Daniel.  1999.  Biodiversity and Bears: A Conservation Paradigm Shift.  Ursus 11:21-27.    View PDF>>>

Stiner, Mary C.  1999.  Cave Bear Ecology and Interactions with Pleistocene Humans.  Ursus 11:41-58.  View PDF>>>

Swenson, Jon E.  1999.  Does Hunting Affect the Behavior of Brown Bears in Eurasia?  Ursus 11:157-162.  View PDF>>>

Titus, Kimberly, and Lavern R. Beier.  1999.  Suitability of Stream Buffers and Riparian Habitats for Brown Bears.  Ursus 11:149-156.  View PDF>>>

Waits, Lisette P.  1999.  Molecular Genetic Applications for Bear Research.  Ursus 11:253-260.  View PDF>>> 

Zeiler, H., A. Zedrosser, and A. Bath.  1999.  Attitudes of Austrian Hunters and Vienna Residents Toward Bear and Lynx in Austria.  Ursus 11:193-200.  View PDF>>>