Ursus Volume 13

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Anderson, Jr., C. R., M. A. Ternent, and D. S. Moody. 2002. Grizzly bear-cattle interactions on two grazing allotments in northwest Wyoming.  Ursus 13:247-256. View PDF>>>

Belant, J. L. and E. H. Follmann. 2002. Sampling considerations for American black and brown bear home range and habitat use. Ursus 13:299-316. View PDF>>>

Benn, B. and S. Herrero. 2002. Grizzly bear mortality and human access in Banff and Yoho National Parks, 1971-98. Ursus 13:213-222. View PDF>>>

Bertram, M. R. and M. T. Vivion. 2002. Black bear monitoring in eastern interior Alaska. Ursus 13:69-78. View PDF>>>

Boulanger, J., G. C. White, B. N. McLellan, J. Woods, M. Proctor, and S. Himmer. 2002. A meta-analysis of grizzly bear DNA mark-recapture projects in British Columbia, Canada. Ursus 13:137-152. View PDF>>>

Carr, M. M., J. Yoshizaki, F. T. van Manen, M. R. Pelton, O. C. Huygens, H. Hayashi, and M. Maekawa. 2002. A multi-scale assessment of habitat use by Asiatic black bears in central Japan. Ursus 13:1-10. View PDF>>>

Cherry, S., M. A. Haroldson, J. Robison-Cox, and C. C. Schwartz. 2002. Estimating total human-caused mortality from reported mortality using data from radio-instrumented grizzly bears. Ursus 13:175-184. View PDF>>>

Clark, J. E., M. R. Pelton, B. J. Wear, and D. R. Ratajczak. 2002. Survival of orphaned black bears released in the Smoky Mountains. Ursus 13:269-274. View PDF>>>

Clark, J. D., D. Huber, and C. Servheen. 2002. Bear reintroductions: lessons and challenges. Ursus 13:335-346. View PDF>>>

Collins, G. H., R. B. Wielgus, and G. M. Koehler. 2002. Effects of sex and age on American black bear conifer damage and control. Ursus 13:231-236. View PDF>>>

Garshelis, D. L. 2002. Misconceptions, ironies, and uncertainties regarding trends in bear populations. Ursus 13:321-334. View PDF>>>

Gau, R. J. and R. Case. 2002. Evaluating nutritional condition of grizzly bears via 15N signatures and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1. Ursus 13:285-292. View PDF>>>

Goldstein, I. R.  2002.  Andean bear-cattle interactions and tree nest use in Bolivia and Venezuela.  Ursus 13:369-371.  View PDF>>>  

Gunther, K. A., M. J. Biel, N. Anderson, and L. Waits.  2002.  Probable grizzly bear predation on an American black bear in Yellowstone National Park.  Ursus 13:372-374.  View PDF>>>

Haroldson, M. A., M. A. Ternent, K. A. Gunther, and C. C. Schwartz.  2002.  Grizzly bear denning chronology and movements in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Ursus 13: 29-38.  View PDF>>>

Higgins Inman, K. L., and M. R. Vaughan.  2002. Hunter effort and success rates of hunting bears with hounds in Virginia.  Ursus 13:223-230.  View PDF>>>

Hightower, D. A., R. O. Wagner, and R. M. Pace, III.  2002.  Denning ecology of female American black bears in south central Louisiana. Ursus 13:11-18.  View PDF>>>

Hwang, M.-H., D. L. Garshelis, and Y. Wang.  2002.  Diets of Asiatic black bears in Taiwan, with methodological and geographical comparisons.  Ursus 13:111-126.  View PDF>>>

Inman, R. M., and M. R. Pelton.  2002.  Energetic production by soft and hard mast foods of American black bears in the Smoky Mountains.  Ursus 13:57-68.  View PDF>>>

Kaczensky, P., F. Knauer, M. Jonozovic, C. Walzer, and T. Huber.  2002.  Experiences with trapping, chemical immobilization, and radiotagging of brown bears in Slovenia.  Ursus 13:347-356.  View PDF>>>

Keating, K. A., C. C. Schwartz, M. A. Haroldson, and D. Moody.  2002.  Estimating numbers of females with cubs-of-the-year in the Yellowstone grizzly bear population.  Ursus 13:161-174.  View PDF>>>

Klenzendorf, S. A., M. R. Vaughan, and D. D. Martin.  2002.  Den-type use and fidelity of American black bears in western Virginia.  Ursus 13:39-44.  View PDF>>>

Koene, P., J. Ardesch, A. Ludriks, E. Urff, L. Wenzelides, and V. Wittenberg.  2002.  Interspecific and intraspecific social interactions among brown bears and wolves in an enclosure.  Ursus 13:85-94.  View PDF>>>

MacHutchon, A. G., and D. W. Wellwood.  2002.  Assessing the risk of bear-human interaction at river campsites.  Ursus 13:293-298.  View PDF>>>

MacHutchon, A. G., and D. W. Wellwood.  2002.  Reducing bear-human conflict through river recreation management.  Ursus 13:357-360.  View PDF>>>

Mattson, D. J., M. G. French, and S. P. French.  2002.  Consumption of earthworms by Yellowstone grizzly bears.  Ursus 13:105-110.  View PDF>>>

Mattson, D. J., S. R. Podruzny, and M. A. Haroldson.  2002.  Consumption of fungal Sporocarps by Yellowstone grizzly bears.  Ursus 13:95-104.  View PDF>>>

Nielsen, S. E., M. S. Boyce, G. B. Stenhouse, and R. H. M. Munro.  2002.  Modeling grizzly bear habitats in the Yellowhead Ecosystem of Alberta: taking autocorrelation seriously.  Ursus 13:45-56.  View PDF>>>

Noyce, K. V., P. L. Coy, and D. L. Garshelis.  2002.  Bone prominence and skin-fold thickness as predictors of body fat and reproduction in American black bears.  Ursus 13:275-284.  View PDF>>>

Podruzny, S. R., S. Cherry, C. C. Schwartz, and L. A. Landenburger.  2002.  Grizzly bear denning and potential conflict areas in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Ursus 13:19-28.  View PDF>>>

Proctor, M. F., B. N. McLellan, and C. Strobeck.  2002.  Population fragmentation of grizzly bears in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.  Ursus 13:153-160.  View PDF>>>

Reagan, S. R., J. M. Ertel, P. Stinson, P. Yakupzack, and D. Anderson.  2002.  A passively triggered foot snare design for American black bears to reduce disturbance by non-target animals.  Ursus 13:317-320.  View PDF>>>

Reynolds, P. E., H. V. Reynolds, and R. T. Shideler.  2002.  Predation and multiple kills of muskoxen by grizzly bears.  Ursus 13:79-84.  View PDF>>>

Schoen, J. W., and S. D. Miller.  2002.  New strategies for bear conservation: collaboration between resource agencies and environmental organizations.  Ursus 13:361-368.  View PDF>>>

Schwartz, C. C., M. A. Haroldson, K. A. Gunther, and D. Moody.  2002.  Distribution of grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, 1990-2000.  Ursus 13:203-212.  View PDF>>>

Smith, T. S.  2002.  Effects of human activity on brown bear use of the Kulik River, Alaska.  Ursus 13:257-268.  View PDF>>>

Suring, L. H., and G. Del Frate.  2002.  Spatial analysis of locations of brown bears killed in defense of life or property on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, USA.  Ursus 13:237-246.  View PDF>>>

Taylor, M. K., J. Laake, H. D. Cluff, M. Ramsay, and F. Messier.  2002.  Managing the risk from hunting for the Viscount Melville Sound polar bear population.  Ursus 13:185-202.  View PDF>>>

Varley, N., and K. A. Gunther.  2002.  Grizzly bear predation on a bison calf in Yellowstone National Park.  Ursus 13:377-382.  View PDF>>>

Wong, S. T., C. Servheen, and L. Ambu.  2002.  Food habits of Malayan sun bears in lowland tropical forests of Borneo.  Ursus 13:127-136.  View PDF>>>

Wyman, T..  2002.  Grizzly bear predation on a bull bison in Yellowstone National Park.  Ursus 13:375-376.   View PDF>>>