Ursus Volume 14(2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Clark, J. E., F. T. van Manen, and M. R. Pelton. 2003. Survival of nuisance American black bears released on-site in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Ursus 14(2):210-214. View PDF>>>

Cuesta, F., M. F. Peralvo, and F. T. van Manen. 2003. Andean bear habitat use in the Oyacachi River Basin, Ecuador. Ursus 14(2):198-209. View PDF>>>

Huygens, O. C., T. Miyashita, B. Dahle, M. Carr, S. Izumiyama, T. Sugawara, and H. Hayashi. 2003. Diet and feeding habits of Asiatic black bear in the northern Japanese Alps. Ursus 14(2):236-245. View PDF>>>

Jones, M. D. and M. R. Pelton. 2003. Female American black bear use of managed forest and agricultural lands in coastal North Carolina. Ursus 14(2):188-197. View PDF>>>

Lee, D. J. and M. R. Vaughan. 2003. Dispersal movements by subadult American black bears in Virginia. Ursus 14(2):162-170. View PDF>>>

MacHutchon, A. G. and D. W. Wellwood. 2003. Grizzly bear food habits in the northern Yukon, Canada. Ursus 14(2):225-235. View PDF>>>

Merrill, T. and D. Mattson. 2003. The extent and location of habitat biophysically suitable for grizzly bears in the Yellowstone region. Ursus 14(2):171-187. View PDF>>>

Miller, S. D., R. A. Sellers, and J. A. Keay. 2003. Effects of hunting on brown bear cub survival and litter size in Alaska. Ursus 14(2):130-152. View PDF>>>

Onorato, D. P., E. C. Hellgren, F. S. Mitchell, and J. R. Skiles, Jr. 2003. Ecology of American black bears on a desert montane island. Ursus 14(2):120-129. View PDF>>>

Rauer, G., P. Kaczensky, and F. Knauer. 2003. Experiences with aversive conditioning of habituated brown bears in Austria and other European countries. Ursus 14(2):215-224. View PDF>>>

Schwartz, C. C., K. A. Keating, H. V. Reynolds, III, V. G. Barnes, Jr., R. A. Sellers, J. E. Swenson, S. D. Miller, B. N. McLellan, J. Keay, R. McCann, M. Gibeau, W. F. Wakkinen, R. D. Mace, W. Kasworm, R. Smith, and S. Herrero. 2003. Reproductive maturation and senescence in the female brown bear. Ursus 14(2):109-119. View PDF>>>

Seryodkin, I. V., A. V. Kostyria, J. M. Goodrich, D. G. Miquelle, E. N. Smirnov, L. L. Kerley, H. B. Quigley, and M. G. Hornocker. 2003. Denning ecology of brown bears and Asiatic black bears in the Russian far east. Ursus 14(2):153-161. View PDF>>>