Ursus Volume 15(2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Akhtar, N., H. S. Bargali, and N.P.S. Chauhan.  2004.  Sloth bear habitat use in disturbed and unprotected areas of Madhya Pradesh, India.  Ursus 15(2):203-211.  View PDF >>>

Andersone, Z., and J. Ozolins.  2004.  Public perception of large carnivores in Latvia.  Ursus 15(2):181-187.  View PDF>>>

Bargali, H.S., N. Akhtar, and N.P.S. Chauhan.  2004.  Feeding ecology of sloth bears in a disturbed area in central India.  Ursus 15(2):212-217.  View PDF>>>

Dean, F. C.View PDF>>>

Echols, K. N., M. R. Vaughan, and H. D. Moll.  2004.  Evaluation of subcutaneous implants for monitoring American black bear cub survival. Ursus 15(2):172-180.  View PDF>>>

Gray, R. M., M. R. Vaughan, and S. L. McMullin.View PDF>>>

Gunther, K. A., and D. W. Smith.  2004.  Interactions between wolves and female grizzly bears with cubs in Yellowstone National Park. Ursus 15(2):232-238.  View PDF>>>

Huygens, O. C.,  F. T. van Manen, D. A. Martorello, H. Hayashi, and J. Ishida.  2004.  Relationships between Asiatic Black Bear kills and depredation costs in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Ursus 15(2):197-202.  View PDF>>>

Mattson, D. J.  2004.  Consumption of voles and vole food caches by Yellowstone grizzly bears: exploratory analyses.  Ursus 15(2):218-226.  View PDF>>>

Normua, F., S. Higashi, L. Ambu, and M. Mohamed.  2004.  Notes on oil palm plantation use and seasonal spatial relationships of sun bears in Sabah, Malaysia.  Ursus 15(2):227-231.  View PDF>>>

Proctor, M. F., C. Servheen, S. D. Miller, W. F. Kasworm, and W. L. Wakkinen.View PDF>>>

Robbins, C. T., C. C. Schwartz, and L. A. Felicetti.  2004.  Nutritional ecology of ursids:  a review of newer methods and management implications. Ursus 15(2):161-171.  View PDF>>>