Ursus Volume 17(1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Davis, Helen, Richard D. Weir, Anthony N. Hamilton, and John A. Deal.  2006.  Influence of phenology on site selection by female American black bears in coastal British Columbia.  Ursus 17(1):41-51.  View PDF>>>  View Additional Appendices>>>

Dyck, Markus G.  2006.  Characteristics of polar bears killed in defense of life and property in Nunavut, Canada, 1970–2000.  Ursus 17(1):52-62.  View PDF>>>

Garshelis, David L., and Hank Hristienko.  2006.   State and provincial estimates of American black bear numbers versus assessments of population trend.  Ursus 17(1):1-7.  View PDF>>>

Goldstein, Isaac, Susanna Paisley, Robert Wallace, Jeffrey P. Jorgenson, Francisco Cuesta, and Armando Castellanos.  2006.  Andean bear–livestock conflicts: a review.  Ursus 17(1):8-15.  View PDF>>>

Gore, Meredith L., Barbara A. Knuth, Paul D. Curtis, and James E. Shanahan.  2006.   Education programs for reducing American black bear–human conflict:  indicators of success?  Ursus 17(1):75-80.  View PDF>>>

Knarrum, Vebjørn, Ole J. Sørensen, Truls Eggen, Tor Kvam, Ole Opseth, Kristian Overskaug, and Arnstein Eidsmo.  2006.   Brown bear predation on domestic sheep in central Norway.  Ursus 17(1):67-74.  View PDF>>>

Kovach, Steven D., Gail H. Collins, Michael T. Hinkes, and Jeffrey W. Denton.  2006.  Reproduction and survival of brown bears in southwest Alaska, USA.  Ursus 17(1):16-29.  View PDF>>>

Lemieux, Rolland, and Sophie Czetwertynski.  2006.  Tube traps and rubber padded snares for capturing American black bears.  Ursus 17(1):81-91.  View PDF>>>

Matthews, Sean, John J. Beecham, Howard Quigley, Schuyler S. Greenleaf, and H. Malia Leithead.  2006.  Activity patterns of American black bears in Yosemite National Park.  Ursus 17(1):30-40.  View PDF>>>

Schwartz, Charles C., Mark Haroldson, Kerry A. Gunther, and Dave Moody.  2006.  Distribution of grizzly bears in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, 1990–2004.  Ursus 17(1):63-66.  View PDF>>>