Ursus Volume 17(2)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Aichun, X., J. Zhigang, L. Chunwang, G. Jixun, W. Guosheng, and C. Ping.View PDF>>>

Benson, J. F., and M. J. Chamberlain.  2006.  Cub adoption by a translocated Louisiana black bear.  Ursus 17(2):178-181.  View PDF>>>

Boulanger, J., M. Proctor, S. Himmer, G. Stenhouse, D. Paetkau, and J. Cranston.  2006.  An empirical test of DNA mark-recapture sampling strategies for grizzly bears.  Ursus 17(2):149-158.  View PDF>>>

Chauhan, N.P.S., and R.K. Jagdish Singh.  2006.  Status and distribution of sun bears in Manipur, India.  Ursus 17(2):182-185.  View PDF>>>

Costello, C. M., K. S. Quigley, D. E. Jones, R. M. Inman, and K. H. Inman.  2006.  Observations of a denning-related dermatitis in American black bears.  Ursus 17(2):186-190.  View PDF>>>

Garshelis, D. L.View PDF>>>

Kojola, I., V. Hallikainen, T. Nygren, M. Pesonen, and V. Ruusila.View PDF>>>

Peirce, K. N.,  and L. J. Van Daele.  2006.  Use of a garbage dump by brown bears in Dillingham, Alaska.  Ursus 17(2):165-177.  View PDF>>>

Pengelly, I., and D. Hamer.  2006.  Grizzly bear use of pink hedysarum roots following shrubland fire in Banff National park, Alberta.  Ursus 17(2):124-131.  View PDF>>>

Schwartz, M. K., S. A. Cushman, K. S. McKelvey, J. Hayden and C. Engkjer.  2006.  Detecting genotyping errors and describing black bear movement in northern Idaho.  Ursus 17(2):138-148.  View PDF>>>

Zager, P., and J. Beecham.  2006.  The role of American black bears and brown bears as predators on ungulates in North America. Ursus 17(2):95-108.  View PDF>>>