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Upcoming Workshops & International Conferences

24th International Conference on Bear Research & Management, June 12-16, 2016, Anchorage, AK  USA.  For more information, click here>>>






IBN Has Gone Electronic!

Beginning in 2011, the International Bear News will be published electronically.  The IBN also publishes reviews about books on bears, and articles pertinent to bears in history and culture.  Be sure that your electronic information is updated in our IBA database by sending us your current email.  Click here>>> to submit your information.



Online Membership is Here!

Online Membership is finally here! Membership in the IBA pays off for bear researchers, managers, and conservationists alike.  The IBA offers connectivity with peers, professional meetings, publications, and updated information and news pertaining to bears and bear projects worldwide.  Click on our Membership Page to learn more, or to sign up now!


Online Giving is Here!

Give to bear conservation without leaving your desk!  The Bear Conservation Fund works to advance the conservation of all bear species, particularly those most at risk, by providing funds for grants programs of the IBA. These generate the information and collaboration necessary for effective science-based conservation of bears and bear habitats.  The Bear Conservation Fund is now accepting donations online, with IBA membership close behind on the schedule.  To learn more about online giving, click here>>>

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Occassionally, the IBA needs to contact you regarding important notices, membership renewal, and conference announcements.  Your updated email address is necessary for us to contact you!  To update your email address, click here>>>