Ursus Volume 12

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Akenson, J. J., M. G. Henjum, T. L. Wertz, and T. J. Craddock. 2001. Use of dogs and mark-recapture techniques to estimate American black bear density in northeastern Oregon. Ursus 12:203-209. View PDF>>>

Bowman, J. L., B. D. Leopold, F. J. Vilella, D. A. Gill, and H. A. Jacobson. 2001. Attitudes of landowners toward American black bears compared between areas of high and low bear populations. Ursus 12:153-160. View PDF>>>

Clarke, C. M., J. A. Fangman, and S. K. Wasser. 2001. Fecal DNA methods for differentiating grizzly bears from American black bears. Ursus 12:237-240. View PDF>>>

Fersterer, P., D. L. Nolte, G. J. Ziegltrum, and Hartmut G. 2001. Effect of feeding stations on the home ranges of American black bears in western Washington. Ursus 12:51-53. View PDF>>>

Friebe, A., J. E. Swenson, and F. Sandegren. 2001. Denning chronology of female brown bears in central Sweden. Ursus 12: 37-45. View PDF>>>

Frković, A., D. Huber, and J. Kusak. 2001. Brown bear litter sizes in Croatia. Ursus 12:103-105. View PDF>>>

Gibeau, M. L., S. Herrero, B. N. McLellan, and J. G. Woods. 2001. Managing for grizzly bear security areas in Banff National Park and the Central Canadian Rocky Mountains. Ursus 12:121-129. View PDF>>>

Grandia, P. A., J. J. van Dijk, and P. Koene. 2001. Stimulating natural behavior in captive Bears. Ursus 12:199-202. View PDF>>>

Herrero, S., J. Roulet, and M. Gibeau. 2001. Banff National Park: science and policy in grizzly bear management. Ursus 12:161-167. View PDF>>>

Huygens, O. C. and H. Hayashi. 2001. Use of stone pine seeds and oak acorns by Asiatic black bears in central Japan. Ursus 12:47-50. View PDF>>>

MacHutchon, A. G. 2001. Grizzly bear activity budget and patterns in the Firth River Valley, Yukon. Ursus 12:189-198. View PDF>>>

McDonald, J. E. and Jr., T. K. Fuller. 2001. Prediction of litter size in American black bears. Ursus 12:93-102. View PDF>>>

Mertens, A. and C. Promberger. 2001. Economic aspects of large carnivore-livestock conflicts in Romania. Ursus 12:173-180. View PDF>>>

Molinari, P. and A. Molinari-Jobin. 2001. Identifying passages in the southeastern Italian Alps for brown bears and other wildlife. Ursus 12:131-134. View PDF>>>

Naves, J., A. Fernández-Gil, and M. Dleibes. 2001. Effects of recreation activities on a brown bear family group in Spain. Ursus 12:135-139. View PDF>>>

Noyce, K. V., D. L. Garshelis, and P. L. Coy. 2001. Differential vulnerability of black bears to trap and camera sampling and resulting biases in mark-recapture estimates. Ursus 12:211-225. View PDF>>>

Quenette, P. Y., M. Alonso, L. Chayron, P. Cluzel, E. Dubarry, D. Dubreuil, S. Palazon, and M. Pomarol. 2001. Preliminary results of the first transplantation of brown bears in the French Pyrenees. Ursus 12:115-120. View PDF>>>

Rice, C. G., J, Rohlman, J. Beecham, and S. Pozzanghera. 2001. Power analysis of bait station surveys in Idaho and Washington. Ursus 12:227-235. View PDF>>>

Sargeant, G. A. and R. L. Ruff. 2001. Demographic response of black bears at Cold Lake, Alberta, to the removal of adult males. Ursus 12:59-67. View PDF>>>

Sathyakumar, S. 2001. Status and management of Asiatic black bear and Himalayan brown bear in India. Ursus 12:21-29. View PDF>>>

Stratman, M. R., C. D. Alden, M. R. Pelton, and M. E. Sunquist. 2001. Habitat use by American black bears in the Sandhills of Florida. Ursus 12:109-114. View PDF>>>

Stratman, M. R., C. D. Alden, M. R. Pelton, and M. E. Sunquist. 2001. Long distance movement of a Florida black bear in the southeastern Coastal Plain. Ursus 12:55-58. View PDF>>>

Swenson, J. E., B. Dahle, and F. Sandegren. 2001. Intraspecific predation in Scandinavian Brown Bears older than cubs-of-the-year. Ursus 12:81-91. View PDF>>>

Swenson, J. E., F. Sandegren, S. Brunberg, and P. Segerström. 2001. Factors associated with loss of brown bear cubs in Sweden. Ursus 12:69-80. View PDF>>>

Tumanov, I. L. 2001. Reproductive biology of captive polar bears. Ursus 12:107-108. View PDF>>>

Valdmann, H., U. Saarma, and A. Karis. 2001. The brown bear population in Estonia: current status and requirements for management. Ursus 12:31-35. View PDF>>>

Van Daele, L. J., J. R. Morgart, M. T. Hinkes, S. D. Kovach, J. W. Denton, and R. H. Kaycon. 2001. Grizzlies, Eskimos, and biologists: cross-cultural bear management in southwest Alaska. Ursus 12:141-152. View PDF>>>

Wagner, R. O., D. A. Hightower, and R. M. Pace, III. 2001. Measuring levels and patterns of activity in black bears. Ursus 12:181-187. View PDF>>>

Zedrosser, A., B. Dahle, J. E. Swenson, and N. Gerstl. 2001. Status and management of the brown bear in Europe. Ursus 12:9-20. View PDF>>>

Ziegltrum, G. J. and D. L. Nolte. 2001. Black bear forest damage in Washington State, USA: economic, ecological, social aspects. Ursus 12:169-172. View PDF>>>