Ursus Volume 15(1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Austin, M. A. 2004. Grizzly bear recovery planning in the British Columbia portion of the North Cascades: lessons learned and re-learned. Ursus 15(1):124-129. View PDF>>>

Can, O. E. and I. Togan. 2004. Status and management of brown bears in Turkey. Ursus 15(1):50-55. View PDF>>>

Goldstein, I. R. 2004. Spectacled bear use of the epiphytic bromeliad Tillandsia fendleri at Quebrada el Molino, Venezuela. Ursus 15(1):56-58. View PDF>>>

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Hilderbrand, G. V., S. D. Farley, C. C. Schwartz, and C. T. Robbins. 2004. Importance of salmon to wildlife: implications for integrated management. Ursus 15(1):1-9. View PDF>>>

Hristienko, H., D. Pastuck, K. J. Rebizant, B. Knudsen, and M. Laurene Connor. 2004. Using reproductive data to model American black bear cub orphaning in Manitoba due to spring harvest of females. Ursus 15(1):25-36. View PDF>>>

Mace, R. D. 2004. Integrating science and road access management: lessons from the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem.  Ursus 15(1):130-137. View PDF>>>

Mattson, D. J. and T. Merrill. 2004. A model-based appraisal of habitat conditions for grizzly bears in the Cabinet-Yaak region of Montana and Idaho. Ursus 15(1):78-91. View PDF>>>

Miller, S. D. and T. France. 2004. Small populations of grizzly bears in the US-Canada transborder region: Introduction to the workshop proceedings. Ursus 15(1):63-66. View PDF>>>

Morgan, C. P., J. Davis, T. Ford, and N. Laney. 2004. Promoting understanding:  the approach of the North Cascades grizzly bear outreach project. Ursus 15(1):138-142. View PDF>>>

Mueller, C., S. Herrero, and M. L. Gibeau. 2004. Distribution of subadult grizzly bears in relation to human development in the Bow River watershed, Alberta. Ursus 15(1):37-49. View PDF>>>

Primm, S. and S. M. Wilson. 2004. Re-connecting grizzly bear populations: prospects for participatory projects.  Ursus 15(1):106-116.  View PDF>>>

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Troya, V., F. Cuesta, and M. F. Peralvo. 2004. Food habits of Andean bears in the Oyacachi River Basin, Ecuador. Ursus 15(1):59-62. View PDF>>>      

Wakkinen, W. L. and W. F. Kasworm.  2004.  Demographics and population trends of grizzly bears in the Cabinet-Yaak and Selkirk Ecosystems of British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Ursus 15(1):67-77. View PDF>>>