Ursus Volume 16(1)

Alphabetically listed by first author

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Belant, J. L., J. F. Van Stappen, and D. Paetkau. 2005. American black bear population size and genetic diversity at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Ursus 16(1):85-92. View PDF>>>

Cattet, M. R. L., and M. E. Obbard. 2005. To weigh or not to weigh: conditions for the estimation of body mass by morphometry. Ursus 16(1):102-107. View PDF>>>

Ciarniello, L. M., M. S. Boyce, D. C. Heard, and D. R. Seip. 2005. Denning behavior and den site selection of grizzly bears along the Parsnip River, British Columbia, Canada. Ursus 16(1):47-58. View PDF>>>

Cronin, M. A., R. Shideler, L. Waits, and R. J. Nelson. 2005. Genetic variation and relatedness in grizzly bears in the Prudhoe Bay region and adjacent areas in northern Alaska. Ursus 16(1):70-84. View PDF>>>

Fredriksson, G. 2005. Human-sun bear conflicts in East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Ursus 16(1):130-137. View PDF>>>

Jorgenson, J. P. and S. Sandoval A. 2005. Andean bear management needs and interactions with humans in Colombia. Ursus 16(1):108-116. View PDF>>>

Mattson, D. J., S. Herrero, and T. Merrill. 2005. Are black bears a factor in the restoration of North American grizzly bear populations? Ursus 16(1):11-30. View PDF>>>

Mattson, D. J., S. R. Podruzny, and M. A. Haroldson. 2005. Consumption of pondweed rhizomes by Yellowstone grizzly bears. Ursus 16(1):41-46. View PDF>>>

Mizukami, R. N., M. Goto, S. Izumiyama, H. Hayashi, and M. Yoh. 2005. Estimation of feeding history by measuring carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios in hair of Asiatic black bears. Ursus 16(1):93-101. View PDF>>>

Smith, T. S., S. Herrero, and T. D. DeBruyn. 2005. Alaskan brown bears, humans, and habituation. Ursus 16(1):1-10.  View PDF>>>

Stenhouse, G., J. Boulanger, J. Lee, K. Graham, J. Duval, and J. Cranston. 2005. Grizzly bear associations along the eastern slopes of Alberta. Ursus 16(1):31-40. View PDF>>>

Thompson, L. M., F. T. van Manen, and T. L. King. 2005. Geostatistical analysis of allele presence patterns among American black bears in eastern North Carolina. Ursus 16(1):59-69. View PDF>>>

Wilson, S. M., M. J. Madel, D. J. Mattson, J. M. Graham, J. A. Burchfield, and J. M. Belsky. 2005. Natural landscape features, human-related attractants, and conflict hotspots: a spatial analysis of human-grizzly bear conflicts. Ursus 16(1):117-129. View PDF>>>