Ursus Volume 10

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Arthur, S. M., G. W. Garner, and T. L. Olson. 1998. Identifying and mitigating errors in satellite telemetry of polar bears. Ursus 10:413-419. View PDF>>>

Barnes, Jr., V. G. and R. B. Smith. 1998. Estimates of brown bear abundance on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Ursus 10:1-9. View PDF>>>

Bath, A. J. 1998. The role of human dimensions in wildlife resource research in wildlife management. Ursus 10:349-355. View PDF>>>

Belikov, S. E. and A. N. Boltunov. 1998. Problems with conservation and sustainable use of polar bears in the Russian Arctic. Ursus 10:119-127. View PDF>>>

Belikov, S. E., G. W. Garner, O. Wiig, A. N. Boltunov, and Y. A. Gorbunov. 1998. Polar bears of the Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago of the Russian Arctic. Ursus 10:33-40. View PDF>>>

Black, L. T. 1998. Bear in human imagination and in ritual. Ursus 10:343-347. View PDF>>>

Boone, W. R., J. C. Catlin, K. J. Casey, E. T. Boone, P. S. Dye, R. J. Schuett, J. O. Rosenberg, T. Tsubota, and J. M. Bahr. 1998. Bears as induced ovulators - a preliminary study. Ursus 10:503-505. View PDF>>>

Calvert, W. and M. A. Ramsay. 1998. Evaluation of age determination of polar bears by counts of cementum growth layer groups. Ursus 10:449-453. View PDF>>>

Case, R. L. and L. Buckland. 1998. Reproductive characteristics of grizzly bears in the Kugluktuk Area, Northwest Territories, Canada. Ursus 10:41-47. View PDF>>>

Chestin, I. E. 1998. Trade in brown bear gall bladders in Russia. Ursus 10:161-166. View PDF>>>

Chi, D. K., D. Chester, and B. K. Gilbert. 1998. Effects of capture procedures on black bear activity at an Alaskan salmon stream. Ursus 10:563-569. View PDF>>>

Clark, D. A. and I. Stirling. 1998. Habitat preferences of polar bears in the Hudson Bay lowlands during late summer and fall. Ursus 10:243-250. View PDF>>>

Clark, J. D., S. R. Hayes, and J. M. Pledger. 1998. A female black bear denning habitat model using a Geographic Information System. Ursus 10:181-185. View PDF>>>

Consolo Murphy, S. and B. Kaeding. 1998. Fishing Bridge: 25 years of controversy regarding grizzly bear management in Yellowstone National Park.  Ursus 10:385-393. View PDF>>>

Craighead, D. J. 1998. An integrated satellite technique to evaluate grizzly bear habitat use. Ursus 10:187-201. View PDF>>>

Craighead, F. L., H. V. Reynolds, C. Strobeck, and E. R. Vyse. 1998. Use of microsatellite DNA analyses to infer breeding behavior and demographic processes in an Arctic grizzly bear population.  Ursus 10:323-327. View PDF>>>

Craighead, J. J. 1998. Status of the Yellowstone grizzly bear population: has it recovered, should it be delisted? Ursus 10:597-602. View PDF>>>

Elgmork, K. and S. Unander. 1998. Brown bear use of ant mounds in Scandinavia. Ursus 10:269-274. View PDF>>>

Fischer, H. and M. Roy. 1998. New approaches to citizen participation in endangered species management: recovery in the Bitterroot Ecosystem.  Ursus 10:603-606. View PDF>>>

Garshelis, D. L. and C. R. Mclaughlin. 1998. Review and evaluation of breakaway devices for bear radiocollars. Ursus 10:459-465. View PDF>>>

Garshelis, D. L., K. V. Noyce, and P. L. Coy. 1998. Calculating average age of first reproduction free of the biases prevalent in bear studies. Ursus 10:437-447. View PDF>>>

Gautestad, A. O., I. Mysterud, and M. R. Pelton. 1998. Complex movement and scale-free habitat use: testing the multi-scaled home-range model on black bear telemetry data. Ursus 10:219-234. View PDF>>>

Gibeau, M. L. 1998. Grizzly bear habitat effectiveness model for Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks, Canada. Ursus 10:235-241. View PDF>>>

Gniadek, S. J. and K. C. Kendall. 1998. A summary of bear management in Glacier National Park, Montana, 1960-1994. Ursus 10:155-159. View PDF>>>

Groff, C., A. Caliari, E. Dorigatti, and A. Gozzi. 1998. Selection of denning caves by brown bears in Trentino, Italy. Ursus 10:275-279. View PDF>>>

Gula, R., W. Frackowiak, and K. Perzanowski. 1998. Current status and conservation needs of brown bears in the Polish Carpathians. Ursus 10:81-86. View PDF>>>

Gunther, K. A. and H. E. Hoekstra. 1998. Bear-inflicted human injuries in Yellowstone National Park, 1970-1994. Ursus 10:377-384. View PDF>>>

Gutleb, B. 1998. The brown bear in Carinthia: history and status in Southern Austria. Ursus 10:75-79. View PDF>>>

Hellgren, E. C. 1998. Physiology of hibernation in bears. Ursus 10:467-477. View PDF>>>

Herrero, S. and A. Higgins, A. 1998. Field use of Capsicum spray as a bear deterrent. Ursus 10:533-537. View PDF>>>

Huber, D., J. Kusak, and A. Frkovic. 1998. Traffic kills of brown bears in Gorski Kotar, Croatia. Ursus 10:167-171. View PDF>>>

Jones, M. D., G. S. Warburton, and M. R. Pelton. 1998. Models for predicting occupied black bear habitat in coastal North Carolina. Ursus 10:203-207. View PDF>>>

Kasbohm, J. W., M. R. Vaughan, and J. G. Kraus. 1998. Black bear home range dynamics and movement patterns during a gypsy moth infestation. Ursus 10:259-267. View PDF>>>

Kasworm, W. F., T. J. Thier, and C. Servheen. 1998. Grizzly bear recovery efforts in the Cabinet/Yaak Ecosystem. Ursus 10:147-153. View PDF>>>

Koene, P. 1998. Adaptation of blind brown bears to a new environment and its residents: stereotypy and play as welfare indicators. Ursus 10:579-587. View PDF>>>

Kohn, M. H. and F. Knauer. 1998. Phylogeography of brown bears in Europe and excremental PCR: the new tool in the genetic analysis of animals in the wild. Ursus 10:315-321. View PDF>>>

Kontio, B. D., D. L. Garshelis, E. C. Birney, and D. E. Andersen. 1998. Resilience of a Minnesota black bear population to heavy hunting: self-sustaining population or population sink? Ursus 10:139-146. View PDF>>>

Kusak, J. and D. Huber. 1998. Brown bear habitat quality in Gorski Kotar, Croatia. Ursus 10:281-291. View PDF>>>

Machutchon, A. G., S. Himmer, H. Davis, and M. Gallagher. 1998. Temporal and spatial activity patterns among coastal bear populations. Ursus 1:539-546. View PDF>>>

Mano, T. 1998. Harvest history of brown bears in the Oshima Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan. Ursus 10:173-180. View PDF>>>

Matson, G. M. and K. D. Kerr. 1998. A method for dating Tetracycline biomarkers in black bear cementum. Ursus 10:455-458. View PDF>>>

Mattson, D. J. 1998. Changes in mortality of Yellowstone's grizzly bears. Ursus 10:129-138. View PDF>>>

Mattson, D. J. 1998. Diet and morphology of extant and recently extinct northern bears. Ursus 10:479-496. View PDF>>>

McDonald, Jr., J. E., and T. K. Fuller. 1998. Testing assumptions in bear research: using statistical power analysis to estimate effects of den type on black bear cub survival. Ursus 10:405-411. View PDF>>>

McLellan, B. N. 1998. Maintaining viability of brown bears along the southern fringe of their distribution. Ursus 10:607-611. View PDF>>>

Milbury, P. E., M. R. Vaughan, S. Farley, G. J. Matula, Jr., V. A. Convertino, and W. R. Matson. 1998. A comparative bear model for Immobility-induced osteopenia. Ursus 10:507-520. View PDF>>>

Miller, D. A., E. M. Hallerman, M. R. Vaughan, and J. W. Kasboh. 1998. Genetic variation in black bear populations from Louisiana and Arkansas: examining the potential influence of reintroductions from Minnesota. Ursus 10:335-341. View PDF>>>

Miller, S. M., S. D. Miller, and D. W. Mccollum. 1998. Attitudes toward and relative value of Alaskan brown and black bears to resident voters, resident hunters, and nonresident hunters. Ursus 10:357-376. View PDF>>>

Murphy, K. M., G. S. Felzien, M. G. Hornocker, and T. K. Ruth. 1998. Encounter competition between bears and cougars: some ecological implications. Ursus 10:55-60. View PDF>>>

Noble, W. O. and E. C. Meslow. 1998. Spring foraging and forest damage by black bears in the central coast ranges of Oregon. Ursus 10:293-298. View PDF>>>

Noyce, K. V. and D. Garshelis. 1998. Spring weight changes in black bears in Northcentral Minnesota: the negative foraging period revisited. Ursus 10:521-531. View PDF>>>

O'Brien, S. L. and F. G. Lindzey. 1998. Aerial sightability and classification of grizzly bears at moth aggregation sites in the Absaroka Mountains, Wyoming. Ursus 10:427-435. View PDF>>>

Obbard, M. E., B. A. Pond, and A. Perera. 1998. Preliminary evaluation of GPS collars for analysis of habitat use and activity patterns of black bears. Ursus 10:209-217. View PDF>>>

Olson, T. L., G. W. Garner, and S. M. Arthur. 1998. Methodology for maintaining observer independence in aerial strip transect surveys. Ursus 10:421-425. View PDF>>>

Olson, T. L., R. C. Squibb, and B. K. Gilbert. 1998. Brown bear diurnal activity and human use: a comparison of two salmon streams. Ursus 10:547-555. View PDF>>>

Ovsyanikovl , N. 1998. Den use and social interactions of polar bears during spring in a dense denning area on Herald Island, Russia. Ursus 10:251-258. View PDF>>>

Paetkau, D. and C. Strobeck. 1998. Ecological genetic studies of bears using microsatellite analysis. Ursus 10:299-306. View PDF>>>

Pajetnov, V. S. and S. V. Pajetnov. 1998. Food competition and grouping behavior of orphaned brown bear cubs in Russia. Ursus 10:571-574. View PDF>>>

Peek, J. M. 1998. Experiences with a committee of user groups examining grizzly bear restoration in Idaho. Ursus 10:613-614. View PDF>>>

Peyton, B., E. Yerena, D. I. Rumiz, R. Jorgenson, and J. Orejuela. 1998. Status of wild Andean Bears and policies for their management. Ursus 10:87-100. View PDF>>>

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Schoen, J. W. 1998. Introduction to a panel discussion: recovery of threatened grizzly bear populations in North America. Ursus 10:589. View PDF>>>

Schrage, M. W. and M. R. Vaughan. 1998. Population responses of black bears following oak mortality induced by gypsy moths. Ursus 10:49-54. View PDF>>>

Servheen, C. 1998. Conservation of small bear populations through strategic planning. Ursus 10:67-73. View PDF>>>

Servheen, C. 1998. The Grizzly Bear Recovery Program: current status and future considerations. Ursus 10:591-596. View PDF>>>

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Ternent, M. A. and D. L. Garshelis. 1998. Male-instigated break-up of a family of black bears. Ursus 10:575-578. View PDF>>>

Tumanov, I. L. 1998. Reproductive characteristics of captive European brown bears and growth rates of their cubs in Russia. Ursus 10:63-65. View PDF>>>

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Wiig, O. 1998. Survival and reproductive rates for polar bears at Svalbard. Ursus 10:25-32. View PDF>>>

Wilker, G. A. and V. G. Barnes, Jr. 1998. Responses of brown bears to human activities at O'malley River, Kodiak Island, Alaska. Ursus 10:557-561. View PDF>>>

Wooding, S. and R. H. Ward. 1998. Patterns of genetic diversity in a black bear population indicate recent immigration. Ursus 10:329-333. View PDF>>>

Yerena, E. 1998. Protected Areas for the Andean bear in South America. Ursus 10:101-106. View PDF>>>