An anonymous donor has offered a second gift to IBA to fund a 2-year $30,000 grant, to be given out in $15,000 allotments in early 2018 and 2019. This grant will be awarded for “innovation in community-based conservation for bears.” This is a one-time grant opportunity designed to assist creation and implementation of innovative conservation solutions anchored in local community and science. All bear species qualify, although preference will be given to projects outside of North America. Collaborators may be from any country.

The central focus of this project must be community-based conservation that demonstrates innovation, with a focus on implementing conservation measures designed to deliver long term, community-based stewardship of bear populations. It must be science-driven, such that there are ways to reliably gauge the effectiveness of the actions taken. While the funding is not for a research project per se, the community component can engage with a research component, as long as there are clear conservation-related objectives, and not simply an investigation of what conservation actions to employ. Moreover, there should be measurable outcomes (established long-term metrics) beyond short-term attitudinal change. The overall goal is to create initiative(s) that are taken up by a community or region for lasting change in a way that supports local bear populations.

Proposed projects must be feasible, innovative, with well-developed rationale and objectives, well-delineated methods, a detailed budget, and expected conservation outcomes. Projects should include appropriate criteria for evaluating success, either at the end of the field period or in future years, whichever is more feasible.

Applications for this special grant are to be submitted to Dr. Paolo Ciucci, R&C Grants Committee chair, on or before Dec 1, as for regular R&C grants. Applications must indicate that they are for IBA’s special 2-year “Innovation in Community-based Conservation Grant”. To download the R&C Grants Application form click here.

Unsuccessful applications can be considered for regular R&C grants, provided they include an alternative scaled-down project plan and budget that meet the criteria for the regular grants. Regular R&C grants provide up to $10,000 in a given year, with the option to apply for additional funding for up to 2 more years, but total funding received cannot exceed $15,000 over 3 years.

For more information, please contact Dr. Paolo Ciucci, Chair, IBA Research and Conservation Grants Program.

Application PDF: RCG Application