2nd Eastern Black Bear Workshop

Table of Contents

Reports by State or University

DeCarli, D. P. 1974. Conneticut. P. 11.

McDaniel, J. 1974. Florida. P. 12.

Ernst, R. 1974. Georgia. P. 13-15.

Hugie, R. 1974. Maine. P. 15-17.

Cardoza, J. E. 1974. Massachusetts. P. 17-19.

Harger, E. 1974. Michigan. P. 19-21.

Clarke, S. H. 1974. New York. P. 21-23.

Hamilton, R. B. 1974. North Carolina. P. 24-25.

De Calesta, D. S. 1974. North Carolina. North Carolina State University. P. 25-28.

Kordek, W. S. 1974. Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State University. P. 29-31.

Stokes, S. W. 1974. South Carolina. P. 31-32.

Conley, R. 1974. Tennessee. P. 32-34.

Pelton, M. R. 1974. Tennessee, The University of Tennessee. P. 35-36.

Willey, C. H. 1974. Vermont. P. 36-37.

Raybourne, J. W. 1974. Virginia. P. 37-39.

Rieffenberger, J. 1974. West Virginia. P. 39.


Capturing, Handling, and Marking Techniques

Hamilton, R. B. 1974. A Brief and Cursory Summary of Some Trapping, Marking, and Handling Techniques for Black Bear. P. 40-46.

Raybourne, J. W. 1974. Capturing, Marking, and Handling Techniques For Black Bear in Virginia. P. 47-48.

Wills, G. B. 1974. Capturing, Handling and Marking Techniques For Black Bear in New York State. P. 49-58.

Discussion. 1974. Capturing, Marking, and Handling. P. 59-67.


Parasites and Diseases

Hamilton, R. J., F. E. Kellogg, R. C. Sheard. 1974. Parasites and Diseases of the Black bear in the Southeast (Ursus americanus): A position report. P. 67-88.

Discussion. 1974. Parasites and Diseases. P. 89-90.


Population Estimation

Marcum, L. C. 1974. Estimating the Black Bear Population in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. P. 90-93.

Discussion. 1974. Population Estimation. P. 94-97.


Ammons, A. E. 1974. Observations of Reproductive Activity of Black Bears in Captivity in North Carolina. P. 98-100.

Collins, J. M. 1974. Reproduction of the Black Bear in North Carolina. P. 100-103.

Daniel, J. C., Jr. 1974. Conditions Associated With Embryonic Diapause During Reproduction in the Black Bear. P. 103-111.

Discussion. 1974. Reproduction. P. 112-121.


Movements, Homing, Dispersal, and Home Range

Beeman, L. E. 1974. Black Bear Movements in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. P. 122-127.

Hagar, E. M. 1974. Homing Behaviour of the Black Bear. P. 128-129.

Matula, G. J., Jr., W. S. Kordek, and J. S. Lindzey. 1974. Movements of Black Bear in Pennsylvania as Determined by Radio-tracking: A Preliminary Report. P. 130-138.

Rieffenberger, J. C. 1974. Range and Movements of West Virginia Black Bear During Summer and Autumn, 1973. P. 139-142.

Discussion. 1974. Movements: Homing, Dispersal, and Home Range. P. 143-150.


Hugie, R. H. 1974. Habitat of the Black Bear in Maine. P. 151-157.

McDaniel, J. 1974. Habitat of the Black Bear in Florida. P. 157-162.

Discussion. 1974. Habitat. P. 162-168.


Activities and Behavior

Burghardt, G. 1974. Research on Black Bear Behavior in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. P. 169-178.

Ernst, R. 1974. Activities and Behavior of the Black Bear in Georgia. P. 179-189.

Discussion. 1974. Activities and Behavior. P. 190-194.


Harvest Information

Conley, R. H. 1974. Methods of Harvesting Black Bear in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. P. 195-206.


Man and Black Bear Relationships

Bacon, E. S. 1974. Use of a Survey on Park Visitor Attitudes And Knowledge to Help Formulate Educational Programs. P. 207-213.

Clarke, S. H. 1974. Man and Black Bear Relationships in New York State. P. 214-221.

Discussion. 1974. Man and Black Bear Relationships. P. 222-228.


Eagar, D.C., and  S. K. Stafford. 1974. A Bibliography of the Black Bear (Ursus americanus) in North America: 1960-1973. P. 229-238.

List of Participants. P. 239-242.

Date: April 16, 1974 - April 18, 1974
Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA