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A Preliminary Evaluation of Activity-Sensing GPS Collars for Estimating Daily Activity Patterns of Japanese Black Bears

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Predation by a Golden Eagle on a Brown Bear Cub

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Individual Identification of Asiatic Black Bears Using Extracted DNA from Damaged Crops

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Bear Gallbladder Trade Issues and a Framework for Bear Management in Japan

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Spondyloarthropathy in Cervical Vertebrae of Late Prehistoric Black Bear from Northwestern Oregon, USA

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Are There Andean Bears in Panama?

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A Preliminary Estimate of the Apennine Brown Bear Population Size Based on Hair-Snag Sampling and Multiple Data Source Mark-Recapture Huggins Models

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Do Revised Giant Panda Population Estimates Aid in Their Conservation?

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Using Subpopulation Structure for Barren-Ground Grizzly Bear Management

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